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Large Residential, Industrial, Commercial, & Institutional  Building Permits

Building permits give legal permission to begin construction, demolition, addition or renovation on a property. Failure to obtain building permits can result in costly construction delays, legal action and/or the removal of work already completed.

Permit Submission Requirements

Depending on the project, a building permit submission will need to include different documentation and information.

Put your Commercial Interior Alteration A​pplication on the Fast Track!

If your application meets submission requirements for our streamlined Commercial Fast Track program, you may qualify for expedited review and processing. Apply in person:  Building Department, 8th Floor City Hall, MONDAYS ONLY, between 8:30am - 4:30pm. To qualify:

  1. read the guide for full details
  2. sign the form
  3. complete the submission checklist
  4. complete the occupant load inspection application (if applicable)

​New Industrial Commercial, Institutional & Large Residential Building Projects

Interior Alteration and/or Change of Use

  • Three (3) complete sets of drawings:
    • Architectural
    • Structural (if applicable)
    • Mechanical/electrical/plumbing/sprinkler
  • An additional set of drawings must be submitted when a conditional permit is applied for, showing compliance with the work proposed under the conditional request

Site and Civil Plans

Building plans must have sufficient detail and description that they could be given to a contractor who could construct the building, complying with all Building Code regulations. This is the minimum information required to be included on site and civil plans:

Service Barrie/Engineering
705-726-4242 or
  • Site servicing and grading
  • SWMP
  • Curb box, vaults
  • Storm & Sanitary sewer, size, material and slope
  • Drainage, grading pattern
  • Driveway entrance, radius, width, headwall and apron paved
  • Easements
  • Roof control to splash pads
  • Test manhole on property (industrial)
  • Culvert treatment, dimensions
  • Geodetic elevations
Water Operations
705-792-7920 or
  • Site servicing
  • Water service size and material
  • Water main size and material
  • Location of mechanical/electrical room
Fire Department
705-739-4220 x 3225
  • Hydrant (existing and proposed)
  • Location of Fire department connection (sprinkler and standpipe)
  • Fire route (location and dimension)
Building Services
705-739-4212 or
  • Key plan and scale
  • Professional stamps and signatures
  • All building or additions (existing and proposed)
  • parking spaces (location and dimension)
Projects involving Site Plan Control may require additional information on the site plan (i.e. landscaping, trees, garbage enclosure).


Fees are assessed according to the type of building and its size. Please refer to Schedule B of the current Fees By-law. Additional fees for development charges may apply. Contact Finance at (705) 739-4232 to see if this applies to your project.


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