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Residential Building Permits

Building permits give legal permission to begin construction, subject to other required municipal approvals. Building permits ensure that the proposed construction will meet the minimum life and fire safety requirements contained within the Building Code. Obtaining a permit is the law and allows Building staff to double check the important life safety features for your project.

Permit Submission Requirements

To ensure a complete application, refer to our application checklists which outline application, drawing, and submission requirements:

Collect and complete all required supporting documentation:

How to Apply​​

​​​Apply online through APLI. Our online application tool provides enhanced features that allow you to quickly and easily submit your application. Benefits include:

  • The ability to start an application, save it, and resume at your convenience 
  • Real time status updates and automatic email notifications regarding your application
  • Online payments under $5,000
  • Access to reviewed permit drawings and your building permit placard
  • Requesting inspections online 
  • Access to all of your online permits


Fees are assessed according to the type of b​uilding and its size. Please refer to the current Fees By-law. Additional fees for development charges may apply. Contact Finance at (705) 739-4232 to see if this applies to your project.


Visit Building Inspections​ for building permit inspection requirements.​​

Other Considerations for your Project​

Depending on the project, the following approvals ​may be required (whether a building permit is required or not)​:

Communicate with Neighbours

Residential infill projects are construction projects that take place within established neighbourhoods. They may include home demolitions, reconstruction or significant renovations/additions to existing homes. Please refer to Residential Infill Construction: The Good Neighbour Guide​​ for best practices for communicating with your neighbours effectively.

Common Projects & Permit Needs

When a building permit is required:​

The following list includes common residential projects that require a building permit. This list is not exhaustive. If you have any questions please contact Service Barrie at (705) 726-4242

  • Construct/demolish a house or addition to an existing house (i.e. garage, another storey)
  • Construct/demolish a detached accessory structure greater than 10m2 (108 ​ft2) (i.e. garage, shed)
  • Construct/demolish a deck greater than ​10m2 (108 ft2) in area or is attached to a building (regardless of size) or is adjacent to an egress door (regardless of size)
  • Construction of stairs and/or landings that are part of an egress system regardless of the type of material used 
  • Construct a porch or a balcony
  • Construct a basement walkout
  • Construct a heated or unheated sunroom
  • Erect tents greater than 60m2 (646 ft2) or all tents erected within 3m (9'-10" ft) of a building
  • Construct roofing with structural work (i.e. adding dormers, skylights, solar panels)
  • Create new openings for, or increase the size of, doors and windows
  • Excavate a basement to increase existing headroom/underpinning foundation walls​
  • Install, change, remove or repair load-bearing walls and other structural components​
  • Install or modify HVAC systems
  • Install, replace or repair, plumbing, drain, or sewer systems
  • Construct a chimney serving a solid fuel fire appliance
  • Change a building’s use (i.e. second suites​)
  • Install, replace or repair a private sewage system
  • Replace a furnace that is changing fuel type, efficiency or capacity
  • Install a gas fireplace as a heating appliance
  • Repair structural and/or mechanical fire damage 
  • Install a pool, hot tub or spa
  • Construct a retaining wall greater than 1m (3'-3" ft)

​When a permit is not required:

The following list includes common residential projects that do not require a building permit. This list is not exhaustive. If you have any questions please contact Service Barrie at (705) 726-4242 Depending on your project, compliance with the Zoning By-law may be required.

  • Construct/demolish a standalone building under 10m2 (108 ft2) with no plumbing 
  • Construct/demolish a deck under ​10m2 (108 ft2) in area, not attached to a building or adjacent to an egress door
  • Landscaping that does not affect the egress system of the building​
  • Pergolas not including a floor or a roof or a wall which are not attached to a house
  • Replace doors and/or windows that are the same size as the existing
  • Replace siding on a house, garage, or accessory building
  • Re-shingle a roof, provided there is no increase in weight of the roofing material
  • ​​Install eaves, provided the drainage is contained within the property​
  • Repair/replace waterproofing for basements 
  • Install kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing
  • Carry out minor repairs to masonry
  • Erect a fence (except when surrounding a pool, hot tub or pond)
  • Add air-conditioning to an existing HVAC system
  • Repair non-structural and/or non-mechanical fire damage
  • Install a decorative gas fireplace (not required for heating)
  • Paint or decorate


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