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KPMG Business Costs

According to KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives report; the trusted name in comparing business costs in cities around the world, Barrie is Canada’s fifth lowest cost city, and 7th among all featured 111 cities.

KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2016

Barrie is one of the top cities featured in KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2016 report, a guide to international business locations costs. The report explores the most significant business cost factors in more than 100 cities and 10 countries around the world. Highlights from the report:

  • Barrie ranks 5th among the 17 featured Canadian cities and 7th among all 111 featured cities. 
  • Within the Northeast US/Central Canada region, Barrie ranks 2nd with costs lower than four other Canadian cities and all 17 US cities compared.
  • Within Canada, Barrie offers the lowest costs among the 17 cities compared for both industrial leasing and industrial facility construction. Barrie also enjoys the 2nd lowest property tax costs and 3rd lowest costs for transportation and office leasing.
  • Barrie’s strongest results are in the manufacturing sector, where it ranks 2nd in Canada and the digital services sector where it ranks 3rd. In comparison, Barrie ranks 7th in R&D services and 8th in corporate services.
  • Within the manufacturing sector, Barrie ranks 1st in Canada for four of the 12 operations examined – advanced batteries, food processing, metal components and plastic products. Barrie ranks 4th among all 111 featured cities in the manufacturing sector.

KPMG Focus on Tax 2016

KPMG’s Focus on Tax report looks at the Total Tax Index that businesses would pay in each of the 111 cities researched as part of the Competitive Alternatives report. The Total Tax Index includes all taxes including income, labour, sales, property and capital). Results from the report are as follows:

  • Barrie is ranked as the most tax-competitive city in Ontario.
  • Within the Northeast US/Central Canada, Barrie is the second most tax-competitive city.
  • Barrie outperforms every city in the USA when it comes to the overall total tax index.
  • Barrie has the lowest “Total Tax Index” for the Digital Services sector as compared to all 111 cities globally.   Barrie’s total tax index is 22.7, which means that the total tax burden on a digital services company in Barrie is almost 80% less than the average tax burden in the USA for the same company.  

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