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Municipal Consent

A Municipal Consent (MC) is the municipality's authorization for a utility to occupy a specific location within the City’s Rights-Of-Way (ROW).  Standard utility corridors and alignments have been established, as detailed in City of Barrie Road Standard Drawings to avoid conflicts between existing, proposed and future utility and municipal infrastructure.  MC’s are only issued to companies or persons who have the authority to construct, operate and maintain their infrastructure within the ROW.


When Do I Need Municipal Consent?

Most proposed new utility installations within Municipal ROW require a MC with the exception of emergency work (as defined in the Right-of-Way Activity By-law) or single service connections not requiring alteration of adjacent infrastructure.  If any portion of the proposed installation crosses the Barrie Collingwood Railway ROW, that work is approved under a process separate from Municipal Consents.  For more information on Rail Agreements contact

All projects that require an MC must also obtain a Right-of-Way Activity Permit which will not be granted until MC is obtained.


How Do I Apply?

  1. See MC application in the 'downloads' section above.
  2. Completed applications for Municipal Consent must be sent to  Plans must be submitted in PDF format.
  3. MC applications must be submitted a minimum of 30 business days before planned commencement of work.  The City reserves the right to require this time for review / approval of the MC and Right-of-Way Activity Permit.  Larger or non-standard submissions may require additional time.  Applications are processed in order of submission and can only be advanced in queue ahead of applications from the same utility.
  4. The approval of a MC is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of issuance.  If the work is not completed in its entirety within the one (1) year period, the Applicant must reapply for consent to locate the remaining work within the ROW.
  5. An application for a MC shall be made in the name of the Utility to be installed, not in the name of an agent of said Utility.
  6. Detailed information regarding submission requirements can be found in the City of Barrie's Municipal Consent Requirement Manual, and include the following documents and information required for City review and application processing: 
    • Completed Municipal Consent Application form;
    • Utility Applicant's full company name and project owner (name, address and phone);
    • Detailed description of proposed works (location and activity);
    • Complete and accurate plans; and
  7. The application may be forwarded to additional City personnel for review.
  8. After the MC has been issued, a ROWA permit application should be made by the person(s) performing the work.  Ten (10) business days are required to process the Right-of-Way Activity Permit.  

How Much Does It Cost?

The applicant is required to pay a fee for the review of their plan drawings.  The MC fees can be found in Schedule E of the current Fees By-law.  Fees can be paid via cheque (made payable to the City of Barrie).

High volume applicants can be invoiced upon request.

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