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Oversize Load Permit

Permit Requirements

The following information is required for the purpose of obtaining a Single or Annual Oversize Load Permit:

(1) Company Authorization

A letter from your company naming the individual who has been designated as signing officer for the issuance of the permit

(2) Insurance Certificate

A certificate of insurance is required with the following complete coverage.

Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance$2,000,000.00
Comprehensive General Liability Insurance $2,000,000.00
Total Insurance of:$4,000,000.00

The City of Barrie is to be named on the insurance certificate as additional insured under the policy for the purposes of the permit activities.

(3) Vehicle Information

A complete listing of all vehicles including: vehicle year, make, license and/or VIN number is required.

(4) Checklist

Approval of all affected agencies is to be verified in accordance to the attached checklist. The oversize permit will not be issued until all required signatures are obtained.

(5) Application Form

Please complete either the Single Oversize Load Application, or the Annual Oversize Load Application and submit to so your permit can be processed.

(6) Fees

The applicant is required to pay a fee for all oversized load permits based upon the number of vehicles identified within the application form. Fee amounts can be found within the current City of Barrie Fees By-law, Schedule E, identified as Oversized Moving Permits.

City of Barrie Load Restricted Roads

The City applies "Load Restrictions" to various roads within the municipality, during spring thaw annually, to protect the road while the frost is coming out of the ground. During this time no commercial motor vehicle weighing over five tonnes (5,000 kg) per axle is permitted to operate on identified roads. Signs are posted on these roads, however please review the list of load-restricted roads March 1 – April 30 annually.

Permit Provisions & Conditions

  1. Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this permit, the police or appropriate road authority may change or cancel this permit and may cause the vehicle(s) and load to be removed from the roadway due to congestion or hazardous conditions being encountered as a result of the unit being on the road, and may require the operator to wait for an escort to continue the move.
  2. This permit does not relieve the permit holder/driver of the responsibilities of complying with all municipal by-laws regulating weights and dimensions of vehicles, as signed on the roadways.
  3. The applicant must have in force the following policies:
    Motor vehicle liability insurance having a minimum limit of $2,000,000.00.

    Comprehensive general liability insurance having a minimum limit of $2,000,000 and naming the City of Barrie as additional insured.

    Proof of these coverages shall be provided on the certificate of insurance included with this permit.
  4. In consideration of the issuance of this permit and other good and valuable consideration, the applicant, their heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns, hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless, the City of Barrie, from any action, claim, damages, costs (including legal costs) or loss whatsoever, arising from operations carried out under this permit.
  5. The applicant shall show proof of having obtained a building permit where applicable for the movement of buildings.
  6. The applicant may be required to file a bond and/or certified cheque with this application in such an amount as at the discretion of the appropriate road authority, utility, or railroad, as deemed necessary to cover the cost of facilitating the move and of repairing any damages resulting there from.
  7. All authorized signatures of the City of Barrie and Barrie Police Service as required on this permit shall be obtained before this permit is considered to be valid.
  8. Any violations of this permit, or the provisions and conditions therein, may result in the permit being cancelled.
  9. This permit shall accompany the vehicle for which it is issued. In the case of multi-vehicle permits, a copy of the permit and supplemental list of vehicles shall accompany each vehicle. The permit and all attachments shall be produced upon request of a police officer or any authorized authority.
  10. The applicant shall verify all structure or utility clearance heights, on site, 48 hours prior to any move.
  11. Applicants shall comply with all axle load weights and heavy truck restrictions as required.
  12. This permit is not valid at any time from one half hour after sunset, to one half hour before sunrise, or at any other time when, due to insufficient light, or unfavourable atmosphere conditions, persons and vehicles on the highway are not clearly discernable at a distance of 150 metres or less, or from Monday to Friday inclusive during the hours of 6:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., and 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

    Annual Oversize Application

  13. The maximum dimensions and weight of vehicle plus load allowed under this permit are as follows:
    Width – 3.7 metres; Height – 4.5 metres; Length – 25 metres; Weight – as per Highway Traffic Act.
  14. Where a permit is issued in respect of:
    a) Height: The load shall not be composed of articles loaded one on top of the other.
    b) Width: The load shall not be composed of articles loaded side by side or crosswise.
    c) Length: The load shall not be composed of articles loaded one behind the other and any overhang to the rear shall not exceed 4.65m from the centre of the rearmost axle unless otherwise stated.
    d) Weight: The load shall not be composed of more that one article. When crossing bridges, vehicles of over 45,400 kg gross weight must be operated at the lowest practicable speed. Bridge postings and load restrictions pursuant to Part VII of the Highway Traffic Act, apply.
  15. a) Vehicles and loads in excess of the width and/or length prescribed under section 92 of the Highway Act shall be marked with four or more flags, one as near as practicable to each corner of the vehicle or load. The flag shall be bright red or orange in colour, and shall be not less than 400 mm square. Where a vehicle or load is wider at any point or points on either side than at the corner, it shall, where practicable, be so marked with such a flag at the nearest point on each side.
    b) Vehicles and loads in excess of the length prescribed under section 92 of the Highway Traffic Act shall, in addition to the flags required under provision #12a, display on the rear, in a clearly visible position, a sign bearing the words, “long load” in black letters at least 200 mm high, with lines forming the letters at least 30 mm wide on a yellow retro-reflective background, or an approved M.T.O. “D” sign. This sign is to be removed or covered when not in use.

This Permit Application is for City of Barrie roads only. Applicants are responsible for any and all other agencies and/or municipalities while transporting oversized loads.

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