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​Patios Everywhere Program

The Patios Everywhere Program is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is intended to support local restaurants by providing flexibility to restaurant owners while at the same time ensuring safety standards and measures remain in place.

Patio Hours

On March 7, 2022, City Council voted to extend patio hours on municipal property for 2022.​ The following times will be applied until November 30, 2022.

The hours that a person can enter or re-enter an outdoor area be extended from:

  • 10:30pm to 11:30pm Monday–Thursday
  • 10:30pm to 1:45am Friday–Saturday

The hours that a person be permitted to remain in the outdoor area be extended from:

  • 11:15pm to 12:15am Monday–Thursday
  • 11:15pm to 2:30am Friday–Saturday

Hours of operation for patios on private property are governed under the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

All other regulations and by-laws, including no amplified sound on the patios after 11pm, continue to apply with the operation of patios. Non-compliance of municipal regulations and by-laws could result in permits being revoked or further conditions being added to the permits.

The City is working to protect the local economy and assist businesses with the supports needed to navigate these times. Visit Business Information & Support During COVID-19 for more information.

Purpose & Background

The Patios Everywhere Program is intended ​to address patios that are outside of the Business Improvement Area (BIA) / City Centre.

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited restaurants to takeout services only, and as the restrictions on restaurant operations ease restaurants are impacted by safety measures required to address such matters as physical distancing in a restaurant setting. This results in a reduced patron capacity. With the warmer weather, restaurants' use of patios and refreshment vehicles helps distribute capacity while meeting physical distancing measures.


The City reviews Patio Everywhere applications and design concepts from businesses to ensure universal accessibility, public safety (including Fire and separation from traffic) and the streetscape experience are enhanced and not negatively impacted by the introduction of a patio. All applications are required to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Patios must comply with the guidelines set out by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit; for more information please visit Operating your Business Safely.

The Business Licensing (General) By-law (City By-Law 2006-266, as amended) will not apply for the 2021 patio season and will resume after November 30, 2021. 

Refreshment Vehicle Operating Criteria

The requirements for refreshment vehicles include the following operating criteria:

  • No person shall stop, park or otherwise carryon business from a motorized refreshment vehicle for the purpose of selling or offering for sale any refreshments or product at a distance of less than 50 feet from any intersection, unless authorized by the City to do so.
  • No person shall obstruct traffic in any way on any street.
  • No person shall operate a motorized refreshment vehicle within any Park unless authorized to do so by the Development Services Department.
  • Refreshment vehicles cannot operate after 11pm.
Tent Inclusion Requirements

If you are proposing a tent as part of the proposed patio, please note a permit may be required. Please email to discuss your situation. A permit may not be required if the tent is:

  • Less than or equal to 60m2 (646ft2) individually or aggregate (the combined area of tents within 3m (10ft) of each other is 'aggregate')
  • Not attached to a building
  • At least 3m (10ft) away from any structure​

How to Apply

Application Process: Patios

Existing Patio Approval 

If you have an existing patio approval from the 2021 Patios Everywhere Program and would like to establish a patio for 2022, please contact

New Patios (2022)

The process to establish a new patio for the 2022 patio season consists of the following steps:

  1. Apply online through the City's APLI portal Select “Exemption from full site plan approval" as the application type and clearly identify that your application is for a patio under the Patios Everywhere program. Upload all required documentation (more detail is available in Staff Report: Patios Everywhere Program – 2022 Patio Season):

    Site Plan

    Health Certificate of Inspection

    Demonstration of an application for a Liquor License, if applicable

    City of Barrie Business License for main restaurant (note: that a non-licensed patio can proceed prior to obtaining a liquor license as a means of opening faster)

    Letter from the property owner authorizing the proposed patio use

    Copy of Current Liability Insurance

    General Liability Insurance from an insurer licensed in the Province of Ontario for $2,000,000 per occurrence with an aggregate limit of no less than $5,000,000 to the Corporation of the City of Barrie against any liability for property damage or personal injury, negligence including death which may arise from the applicant's operations under this agreement. The Corporation of the City of Barrie must be included as an “Additional Named Insured". The Commercial General Liability shall contain Cross Liability and Severability Clauses and Products & Completed Operations coverage including a standard contractual liability endorsement.
  2. Arrange for inspections by City of Barrie staff (Zoning, Police, Fire)
Application Process: Refreshment Vehicles (Food Trucks)

Applications for refreshment vehicles (food trucks) are open to those that currently have a City of Barrie licence and would like to operate in a new location for the duration of the Patios Everywhere program, and to those that do not have a City of Barrie licence and would like to operate in Barrie for the duration of the program. The application process consists of the following steps.

  1. Apply online through the City's APLI portal Select “Exemption from full site plan approval" as the application type. Upload all required documentation:

    Health Certificate

    Vehicle Identification Number

    Ontario License Plate # / Ownership

    Vehicle Safety Standards Certificate,

    Propane Inspection Certificate (Where Applicable),

    Copy of Current Liability Insurance

  2. Arrange for an inspection by the City of Barrie Zoning staff. 
If you require assistance please contact available staff by emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply in person?

The program is designed to support an online application submission and issuance of approvals to help maintain physical distancing measures.

How do I apply online?

Applications can be submitted through the City’s online portal Choose "Exemption from Full Site Plan approval" and clearly state the proposal is for a patio or a refreshment vehicle in the application description.

What is the purpose of this program?

This program will support local restaurants. The additional patio space across the City would provide options to create public spaces and to safely adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the costs?

The City of Barrie fee for the 2022 Patios Everywhere Program application process is $549.60 and will rise to $560.59 on May 1, 2022.   If you had an approved Patio in 2021 or 2020 and would like to renew that approval exactly as previously approved, no fee is required.                    

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