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Inspections for Business 
Licences & Permits

Business owners may need the approval of the fire department prior to receiving licences and permits from other City departments or some external agencies.

If a business owner needs a signature from the fire department on a licence or permit, an inspection of the business will be required. The business owner is obliged to pay for these inspections.

The cost of an inspection depends on the type of permit/licence and the nature of the business. The costs associated with these inspections can be found in the City Building Fees By-Law (Schedule G). 

Licences & Permits that Require a Fire Inspection

Liquor Licence

The liquor licence process is initiated through the City of Barrie Clerk’s Office. The Clerk’s Office disseminates the application to numerous City departments whose input is required. Once the building department has determined occupant load for the purpose of the business, their information is forwarded to the fire department for our approval. Once satisfied with the application, the Fire Department forwards the completed documents directly to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

Pyrotechnics & Fireworks (Setting off or Selling)

Fireworks cannot be sold in the City of Barrie without an appropriate business licence to do so. The licence will require a fire department inspection. In addition to inspecting for the purpose of fire code compliance, where fireworks are being sold the fire inspector will conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with City of Barrie By-Law 2006-266. The inspection will include ensuring adequate exits, access of public to handle the fireworks and safe storage and signage of fireworks.

Two-Unit House & Rooming House Licensing

These types of buildings require either a building permit for construction, or depending on how long they’ve been used as such, may qualify for fire code retrofit. In these cases, if found guilty of a contravention of the Ontario Fire Code a person or a director of a corporation can be liable to a fine up to $50,000. The corporation can be liable to a fine of up to $100,000.

Keeping Records

When tests or corrective measures required by the Fire Code are carried out such as:

✓ Annual inspections of smoke and CO alarms
✓ Emergency lighting tests
✓ Fire alarm annual inspections
✓ Sprinkler annual inspections
✓ Portable extinguisher annual inspections
✓ Commercial kitchen suppression system 6-month inspection

A copy of the records must be maintained at the building for examination by the Fire Department if requested. Records of maintenance, checks, tests and inspections like those listed above must be maintained for at least 2 years after being prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are there different fire and life safety laws depending on where my business is located in Ontario?

The Ontario Fire Code is a provincial regulation. All fire departments in Ontario are expected to enforce the Fire Code. However, municipalities have the right to pass by-laws that may be different from one municipality to the next. For example, many municipalities have by-laws pertaining to open air burning and to the use and sale of fireworks.

What kinds of things should I be checking on a regular basis and how often do they need to be checked?

The Barrie Fire & Emergency Service Fire Safety Maintenance Schedule provides guidance in regards to the maintenance obligations required by the Ontario Fire Code.

If a Fire Prevention Officer gives me an order or inspection report how long do I have to remedy the situation?

The timeframe for compliance depends on the nature of the work that needs to be completed and the urgency with respect to fire and life safety. Typically smoke alarm and CO alarm deficiencies are required to be remedied the same day the infraction has been noted by the officer. However, if the work requires any kind of construction, a building permit may be required by the owner. The time frame for compliance will reflect a period of time the officer considers reasonable to complete the work including obtaining a building permit.

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