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Bird Friendly City

A Bird Friendly City is a community where key threats to birds are effectively mitigated, nature is restored so native bird populations can thrive, residents are actively engaged in admiring and monitoring local bird populations, and organizations are creating events to protect birds. Barrie was certified as a Bird Friendly City on June 16, 2022.

Why should Barrie become a Bird Friendly City?

North American bird populations are decreasing at alarming rates. In the last 50 years, North American bird populations have dropped by more than 25%. Three billion of our birds, including common species that live in our towns and cities, are gone. We can reverse this trend with coordinated, science-backed action. (from Nature Canada)

At the May 16, 2022 City Council meeting, a motion was approved to support the efforts of Nature Barrie to apply to Nature Canada on the City's behalf to become certified as a Bird Friendly City.

On June 15, 2022​, Nature Canada announced that Barrie is a certified Bird Friendly City, becoming the 15th municipality in Canada to earn the designation. Barrie has worked in collaboration with Nature Canada’s partners including Nature Barrie, along with many other community members to make their community a safe haven for wild birds.​

The City of Barrie is working to take initiatives to protect nature, mitigate threats to birds, and put practices in place to protect birds as part of the Bird City application process. Residents can take part by learning more and taking action, like monitoring and admiring local bird populations.

Some of the practices the City has in place or is working towards includes:

  • ​A “no-roam” by-law for cats to reduce the impact of cat predation on wild bird populations​
  • Protecting and restoring natural habitat
  • Commitment to mitigating climate change
  • Educational campaigns to raise awareness
  • Providing opportunities to residents to learn about birds and get involved with their conservation
  • Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day is officially celebrated twice a year. In Canada, it's on the second Saturday of May. World Migratory Bird Day brings awareness to the importance of birds and defending their populations, and encourages people to mitigate threats to birds and to protect their habitat, and to learn about the effects of light pollution on migratory birds. Every year Nature Canada and its partners work alongside nature organizations across Canada to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where are the birding “hot spots” in Barrie?

To find active hotspots in Barrie, visit

How do I identify a bird?

There are many field guides that can help identify birds, but some popular apps include Merlin, iNaturalist and the Audubon Bird Guide App.

How can I prevent birds from flying into windows?

The key to stopping birds from flying into your windows is to make the entire window look like a barrier to birds. You can do this by applying dense patterns of markings (small dots, squares, lines, etc.) to the outside of your windows. Visit FLAP Canada’s website to learn tips for the best ways to apply markings to your windows.

How can I help protect migratory birds?

Reducing unnecessary lighting at night, especially during the critical periods of spring and fall migration, is a simple way to help migrating birds while also leading to energy and cost savings from decreased electricity usage. You should turn off all lights in unused interior spaces and draw blinds when interior spaces are occupied. Outdoor lighting should be limited to areas where required for safety and security. (from FLAP Canada)

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