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​Naturalization Projects &
Tree Planting Events

The City works on projects for tree plantings, as well as with local organizations, to add to the Barrie's canopy.  

Naturalization Projects

Throughout Barrie’s park systems, signs have been placed to identify specific areas where plant communities are being encouraged to revert back to their native state. Hardy native plants have adapted to local climatic conditions over thousands of years and provide essential food and shelter to urban wildlife, such as songbirds and butterflies. To participate in local naturalization planting projects, watch for newspaper ads calling for volunteers.

Tree Plantings

Barrie is proud to partner with Earth Day Canada for their 2021/2022 Municipal Tree Planting Relay. For 2022, the City pledges to plant 875 trees/shrubs and hold at least 15 planting events. There are many tree planting events scheduled for 2022, including:

Event​# of Plantings
Living Green spring community tree planting​TBDTBD​May 7, 2022
Assikinack Public School naturalization project
Assikinack Park​TBD
​Living Green and Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority tree planting events​500​TBD
Living Green fall community tree plantingTBDTBDOct. 29, 2022
Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority tree planting150Dunsmore Park​TBD
Living Green Barrie and the Rotary Club tree planting eventTBD​Batteaux Park​TBD
Planting refers to planting of trees, shrubs and perrenial plants. As event details are confirmed, Urban Forestry staff will update the above information and/or links.

In addition to the above listed events, 10 Neighbourhood Tree Stewards plantings (five in spring, five in fall) are being delivered by Living Green Barrie, working with each of Barrie's ward councillors for small, private tree plantings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring/wear to a community tree planting event?

Most tree planting events will have shovels provided, however you can always bring your own. You should come dressed in closed toed shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring gloves and wear the appropriate outerwear based on the weather as most planting events happen rain or shine. Lastly, make sure to bring a water bottle and sunscreen/sun hat.

Why do tree planting events only occur in the spring and fall?

Spring and fall are the best time to plant trees. Trees can be planted as soon as the ground temperature is above five degrees Celsius. It is better to plant in early spring while the deciduous tree buds are still tightly closed. Planting early allows time for the roots to establish. Fall plantings can be done from the time trees lose their leaves up until the time the ground freezes. Spring and fall rain, along with cooler temperatures, help prevent the trees from drought. Summer plantings are not recommended.

Why are native plants species used for restoration planting sites? 

Native species are best adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. Eventually, these trees become self-sustaining and create conditions that will allow other species to grow. Planting native species helps re-establish the site back to its original ecosystem. They also help local wildlife live and thrive in their natural environment.

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