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Tree Removals (Private Property)

The City regulates private property tree removals when the tree is part of a woodlot, as defined in the Tree Preservation By-law.

Th Tree Preservation By-law is in place to regulate the injuring or destruction of trees within woodlots and only applies to trees that are part of a woodlot (forested area) of ½ acre in size or larger. The typical residential lot does not require a tree removal permit to remove a tree from the property, unless it is part of a development application (e.g. subdivision).

Tree Removal Permit

When a Permit is Required

If you are planning to remove or cause injury to one or more trees that are part of a woodlot, you will require a Tree Removal Permit from the City of Barrie. Woodlots are mapped on our interactive map but please if you are unsure please contact Service Barrie at (705) 726-4242 or

When a Permit is not Required

If an arborist has deemed the tree on your property to be dead or hazardous, you would not require a tree removal permit to remove (or prune) it. Normal property maintenance on residential lots in the City of Barrie does not require a tree removal permit. 

However, If you are planning to do any work that requires a building permit and will result in the removal of trees (i.e. building a deck or putting in a pool) and you are unsure if you require a tree removal permit, it is best to contact the Service Barrie at 705-726-4242 or to confirm. 

Process for Obtaining a Permit

The process for obtaining a Tree Removal Permit is described within the Tree Protection Manual. There are local professional companies (Landscape Architects and Professional Foresters) who are experienced at the required information and application process who can prepare a tree removal permit application.

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