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Street Tree Watering Program

Tree watering bags are being provided to residents who are willing to help water a newly planted boulevard tree. This will create and sustain a healthy urban forest in Barrie.

Available for Newly Planted Boulevard Trees

While quantities last, City staff are providing tree watering bags to any resident willing to water a newly planted boulevard tree. Newly planted trees need to be watered regularly once a week from May to October.


The City does not have the budget or staff to water every boulevard tree. This pilot program will help the tree establish a good root system and survive the establishment period (the first three years after it's planted). The goal is to have boulevard trees grow into a healthy urban forest. If we can get trees past that establishment period, their survival rate is much higher.

The tree watering bag's slow-release watering system provides deep water saturation and is convenient to use as it needs to be filled only once per week.

How to Participate

Residents with access to a newly planted boulevard tree are encouraged to participate:

  • Request a street tree watering bag or contact Service Barrie at 705-726-4242 or to register. To receive the bag, you must agree to participate in the watering program for three years.   
  • Forestry staff will deliver the slow release watering bag and attach it to your tree (detailed instructions will be included).
  • Fill up the bag with water ONCE a week from May to October for three years.
  • Leave the bag on the tree and it will be picked up at the end of October. Wait for the new bag to arrive in the spring!

Other Watering Options

If you prefer to water a tree with your household hose, please follow the steps below:

  • Turn the hose on very slightly so that a small trinkle of water is coming out.
  • Set the hose beside the tree for an hour.
  • Do this once per week. Do not overwater the tree.

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