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Engineering Project

Biogas Utilization Study

The City of Barrie has engaged the services of a Consulting Engineering firm to conduct a study that will evaluate alternatives for the optimization of biogas usage at the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility (WwTF).

The study will also provide recommendations for ventilation upgrades for the cogeneration (cogen) building to address the heat generated by the cogen engines at the WwTF.

Project Status
Last Updated September 2020

  • The City is currently finalizing the Biogas Utilization Study and will proceed with the predesign of the recommendations from the study.
  • The flare stack will remain on-site and will continue to be utilized during maintenance activities or to meet process needs. However, the flaring of waste biogas will eventually be reduced and largely eliminated with the proposed recommendation.
  • The City will ensure that all upgrades are designed to the latest standards. The installation of upgrades will be inspected by the Technical Standard and Safety Authority.


The WwTF has been utilizing biogas produced from its anaerobic digesters to generate power and heat onsite through its two cogeneration (cogen) engines and two boilers since 1995. Both the boilers and cogen engines utilize either natural gas or biogas. A gas pre-treatment system consisting of a gas booster, gas dryer chiller, and carbon absorption tower is required to treat the biogas generated at the WwTF. The pre-treatment system removes water and impurities from the biogas prior to use in the cogen engines or boilers. A waste gas burner is utilized during periods when gas production exceed the WwTF's ability to utilize the biogas in either cogen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Flare coming from the stack at the WwTF?

Excess biogas (a natural bi-product of sewage treatment) is being burnt off. This is a normal process at the WwTF.

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