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Lovers Creek Stormwater Management Facility Retrofit (LV05)

The tributary of LV05 has eroded considerable since the construction of the stormwater management facility.  The city is working to repair and restore the creek and the online pond from Highway 400 to Bayview Dr.

This Stormwater Management Facility (SWMF) has experience significant erosion, preventing the facility from functioning as intended. Reconstruction will include natural channel design to slow the water down and prevent erosion from continuing. Sediment will be cleaned out of the facility and a new maintenance access will be constructed. 

Project Updates

​Mar 2021: Project moving to construction
June 2020: 90% Detailed Design package under development.

Project Features

  • Stormwater management retrofit
  • Maintenance access
  • Natural Channel Design

The SWMF has been identified as requiring rehabilitation. A portion of the pond will be stabilized using natural channel design to prevent erosion, and better maintenance access will be provided. The SWMF be dredged to restore proper function and maintain the City’s compliance with the Stormwater Environmental Compliance Approval.

The purpose of this project is to resolve the erosion that is occurring and provide a better maintenance access for the site.  The ravine portion of this site is a steep valley, and it receives a lot of uncontrolled runoff from the upstream commercial areas.  This has resulted in the erosion in the ravine. The project will use a combination of stone and vegetation to slow the water down and keep the soil in place.

As the pond features were originally constructed over 30 years ago, they have also degraded and are no longer preforming as originally intended. These features will be replaced with new materials. A maintenance access will be created to all City staff to maintain this pond when future work is need.  

After construction, planting of trees and shrubs will be used to restore and naturalize the area.  


Design2019–2020 (design to be completed in December 2020)
Tree Removal
March 2021
​March 2021

Traffic Impacts, Construction Staging and Driveway Access

Road closures are not planned for the construction of this project.  ​

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