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​Stormwater Management Ponds

If you live near a pond in the Barrie, there is a good chance that it is a stormwater management pond. The City currently operates 95 stormwater management ponds of varying size and complexity.

Stormwater management ponds are a type of stormwater asset owned by the City. We undertake projects to maintain these assets.

Surface water from rain, snow melt and runoff from watering lawns and washing cars drains into our storm sewers and is collected into stormwater management ponds before it is released to an adjacent watercourse.

These ponds are designed to improve the overall quality of stormwater runoff from urban areas before it is released into our creeks, streams and lakes. Stormwater management ponds sometimes provide habitat for turtles, frogs, fish and migratory birds.


Stormwater management ponds provide the following functions:

  • Trap sand and grit from our roads. This trapped material is referred to as sediment.
  • Retain storm water and release it in a controlled manner to prevent downstream flooding.
  • They are an effective means of reducing phosphorous loading to the aquatic environment.


Stormwater management ponds are inspected annually by the Operations Department to ensure they are functioning properly. Routine maintenance is conducted based on the findings of these inspections and scheduled according to priority and budget availability.

Sediment Removal

To maintain the optimal performance of our stormwater management ponds, sediment periodically requires removal from the pond. When work of this nature is required, the pond is drained of water and heavy machinery is brought in to remove accumulated sediment and fully restore the pond area. Sediment is removed from ponds on an as-required basis. See Stormwater & Creeks Projects for informaton about these and other projects currently underway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can residents enjoy stormwater ponds?

Some stormwater management ponds have recreational trails around them but it is important that the ponds themselves are not used for recreational activities. Ponds should only be observed. The bottoms of stormwater management ponds are very soft and anyone, including pets, that enters may quickly become stuck. They should also never be walked on or skated upon in the winter months. Even in the cold winter, runoff from surrounding streets still enters the pond and ice conditions are never safe.

Do stormwater ponds promote mosquito breeding?

If designed properly, stormwater structures should not promote mosquito breeding. Ensuring that these structures are properly designed and maintained is the key to limiting mosquito production. Learn more.

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