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​Garbage Collection

Municipal garbage collection occurs as per Barrie's curbside collection schedule. Please sort your waste for collection and have it curbside by 7am.

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The City's waste collection calendar contains information about collection, diversion, and environmental initiatives that support a circular economy. Whether you use the calendar or not, please provide your feedback, which will help inform future decisions about the publication.

Please do not Dispose of Lithium Ion Batteries​ Curbside

Placing lithium ion batteries (from cell phones, drones, remote control cars, power tools etc.) in curbside garbage or recycling poses a serious fire hazard and safety threat to curbside collectors and anyone in the vicinity of collection vehicles. Please dispose of these items safely at the Household Hazardous Waste Depot.

Garbage Packaging Change Due to COVID-19

In an effort to keep curbside collection drivers safe during this time, please:

  • place garbage in securely tied garbage/plastic bags, not loose in your garbage can.
  • place facial tissues, paper towels and napkins in a securely tied garbage bag instead of the green bin. Plastic garbage bags are thicker, more durable and less likely to rip open when being collected. Putting these items in plastic garbage bags in your garbage instead of the certifiable compostable bags in your green bin will reduce the risk to collectors.

Collection Schedule

​Garbage is collected every other week in Barrie, with different areas having pickup on different days. Normal curbside collection occurs on Remembrance Day, Easter Monday and Boxing Day. All other holidays affect the collection schedule.

Ways to Determine your Schedule

For residential and non-residential collection, there are multiple ways to determine your curbside collection schedule:

  • Refer to the map in the Waste Collection Calendar.
  • Look up your address.
  • Search your address using the interactive map.
  • Call 705-739-4219 (Mon–Fri, 8:30am–4:30pm) and staff will look up your collection day based on your address.
  • Download Pingstreet, the City's mobile app, an​d input your address to refer to your customized calendar within the Curbside Collection tile.

The Multi-Residential Collection Calendar includes dates for collection at multi-residential buildings (6 units or more).

Garbage Limits, Municipal Curbside Collection

Additional bags or cans over the below limits will be collected in your collection week if a City of Barrie garbage tag is affixed to each additional unit. Tags are to be placed around the neck of the garbage bag or on the top of the garbage inside the can (not on the can itself). Alternatively, garbage can be disposed of at the landfill for a fee.

Residential Limits

2 garbage bags or cans every other week per residential dwelling. Please refer to specs for acceptable garbage containers.

Multi-residential (6 units +) Limits

4 garbage bags per unit every other week for multi-residential buildings.​

Non-residential Limits

Outside of the Downtown BIA: 12 bags/cans of garbage every other week for industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) organizations

Within the Downtown BIA: six bags/cans per week for BIA businesses

For full information about curbside collection for IC&I organizations and downtown businesses please refer to Non-Residential Waste Collection.

Garbage Can/Bag Size

The City currently has a manual curbside collection system, which means drivers have to physically lift the garbage into the truck. All residents must ensure that their garbage is placed at the curbside (by 7am on their collection day) in a proper container or standard-sized bag.

If your container or bag does not meet the below specifications, it will not be picked up. Larger containers are not suitable for our manual collection system because the drivers are not able to safely lift them. Also, for health and safety reasons collectors are not permitted to reach into a container to remove the contents.

Acceptable Garbage Container Specifications

Acceptable garbage containers must:

  • be designed to be manually lifted;
  • have exterior side handles;
  • have a removable watertight lid (do not attach lid with rope or bungee cords);
  • have a capacity no greater than 125 litres;
  • not exceed 20kgs or 45 lbs (including contents) when placed at the curb for collection.

See photo of acceptable garbage con​tainer.

Acceptable Garbage Bag Specifications

Acceptable garbage bags must:

  • have a capacity no greater than 125 litres;
  • not exceed 20kgs or 45 lbs (including contents) when placed at the curb for collection.

Garbage Tags for Sale

Garbage tags are available for purchase at the following locations. The City does not limit the number of establishments that can sell tags. Adequate stock levels are locations' responsibility. Please contact individual establishments to confirm availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I confirm if an item can be diverted to recycling or organics?

If you're not sure how to dispose of an item, look it up with our item lookup tool.

What time do I need to have my garbage curbside?

Please ensure your materials are curbside by 7am for collection.

Collectors are permitted to complete their routes between 7am and 6pm. Routing changes, which could affect collection times, can occur for a number of reasons such as weather, road closures and vehicle breakdowns. Placing materials curbside by 7am each day helps ensure collection.

How should I dispose of sharp items in my garbage?

When placing sharp items (i.e. broken glass, light bulbs and nails) in the garbage, please ensure that they are wrapped in a protective material, such as newsprint, before placing the items into the garbage so they do not present a safety hazard to the collectors. As a courtesy to the garbage collectors, please label all garbage units that may contain a potential safety hazard.

Please note: syringes and needles are not accepted in curbside garbage collection. For more information on how to dispose of these properly, please see Household Hazardous Waste and Alternative Options.

How do I prevent pests from getting into my garbage?

Most of the materials that attract pests are materials that should be placed in your green bin. If your garbage does not contain any food products it should no longer be an attractant to pests. You may also consider placing your garbage in a garbage can (not exceeding 125 litres in capacity) with a removable watertight lid, to help deter pests, and storing your garbage inside of a garage or shed.

How can I dispose of a bulky item?

Bulky items such as furniture, appliances, and construction and renovation wastes will NOT be collected by the curbside garbage contractors. Bulk items can be brought to the Landfill Site for a fee or consider donating to a local charity. Alternatively, the second Saturday of June is Free Goods Exchange Day in the City of Barrie where residents may place items in good condition curbside and residents are invited to pick these items up. There is no special curbside collection by the City of Barrie, items not taken must be removed from the curb by 9pm that evening.

Please note that City of Barrie By-Law 85-163 provides for people who illegally dump garbage to be charged up to $5000.00. Help keep Barrie clean and beautiful; if you see someone dumping garbage, construction waste or yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) on City property please report it to the City of Barrie at (705) 739-4219.

How much garbage is collected from businesses?

Businesses in Barrie’s Business Improvement Area (BIA) receive municipal curbside garbage collection twice weekly. There is a 6-garbage-bag limit per week for these businesses.

Businesses (excluding the Business Improvement Area) that receive municipal curbside garbage collection are permitted to place up to 12 bags of garbage curbside every other week for municipal collection.

Please call (705) 739-4219 for additional information.

Why did the City change to every-other-week garbage collection?

Every-other-week garbage collection was approved by Council on September 30, 2013, under Motion 13-G-233.

Effective January 12, 2015, Barrie households serviced under the City of Barrie municipal curbside collection program received two-bag or two-can garbage pickup every other week; unlimited organics and recycling continue to be picked up weekly. Residents were encouraged to rethink waste.

The changes to waste collection represented a service change, not a decrease. In January 2015, the City continued to collect the same amount of garbage bags overall, but on an every-other-week basis instead of weekly. However, the change encouraged residents to better sort their materials, thereby reducing the amount of garbage previously set curbside:

A comparison of 2015 to 2014 revealed a 52% increase in curbside organics tonnages; 16% decrease in curbside garbage tonnages; and 3% increase in curbside recycling tonnages.Stats based on tonnage tracking at the landfill and reported diversion data from the collection contractor.

The changes to curbside collection were part of Barrie’s Sustainable Waste Management Strategy, an action plan for effective, efficient and responsible change to our waste collection, diversion and disposal systems over a 20-year period.

The City's landfill has a finite amount of available space for disposal of municipal solid waste. Currently, it is expected to last until 2035. After that, we will need to find a new locations and/or methods to dispose of our garbage—and this will be expensive. The cost of closing the Barrie Landfill is currently estimated at over $6.5 million and the annual associated site maintenance is approximately $500,000/year for the first 25 years. Landfills are typically monitored for 50 years after closure.

In 2013, 70% of eligible Barrie households did not participate in the organics program. The aim of every-other-week garbage pickup, while continuing to pick up organics and recycling weekly, was to encourage more people to use their green bin, thereby diverting more waste from our landfill. It is the financially and environmentally responsible thing to do as Barrie continues to work towards sustainable growth.

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