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Yard Waste Collection

As per Barrie's collection schedule, yard waste is collected every other week or weekly for most of the year. Please remember to sort all waste for collection and have it curbside by 7am. 

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Collection Schedule

​Residents have a regularly scheduled collection day and area (area A or B). The area indicates which weeks your yard waste is collected during July, August, December. During these months, yard waste is collected on the week opposite your garbage collection week.

Weekly CollectionJanuary, April, May, June, September, October, & November
Every Other Week Collection​July, August, & December
No Collection​February & March
Ways to Determine your Schedule

There are multiple ways to determine your curbside collection schedule:

  • Refer to the map in the Waste Collection Calendar.
  • Look up your address.
  • Search your address using the interactive map.
  • Call 705-739-4219 (Mon–Fri, 8:30am–4:30pm) and staff will look up your collection day based on your address.
  • Download Pingstreet, the City's mobile app, and input your address to refer to your customized calendar within the Curbside Collection tile.

 Accepted Yard Waste Items

Acceptable items for yard waste collection     

Refer to the Where does it go? lookup tool to check for specific items.

Acceptable yard waste items:

  • Leaves and brush
  • Grass clippings
  • Sod​
  • Garden waste
  • Bales of straw
  • Tree trimmings
  • Christmas trees (trees must not exceed 1.8m or 6 feet in length, be free of ornaments and stands) 
Unacceptable yard waste materials

Refer to the Where does it go? lookup tool to check for specific items.

Unacceptable items in yard waste:

  • Kitchen waste
  • Milled lumber
  • Stumps or tree limbs with a diameter in excess of 10cm
  • Tree limbs in excess of 6ft in length
  • Unbundled brush, street sweepings
  • Dirt and rocks
  • Containers of yard waste that weigh more than 20kg (45lbs). 
  • Bundles must be no longer than 1.8m (6ft) in length, 0.3m (1ft) in diameter and weigh no more than 20kgs (45lbs).
  • Christmas trees exceeding 1.8m or 6 feet in length 
  • plastic pots and plastic packaging
  • garbage materials

Proper Yard Waste Packaging, Weight, & Storage

Yard waste should be placed in a separate container from regular garbage. Please leave lids off containers and boxes open so the collectors can see their contents. Clippings from trees and shrubs should be tied securely in small bundles to permit easy handling. 

Bundles must be:

  • no larger than 1.8m (6ft) in length
  • no larger than 0.3m (1ft) in diameter
  • no heavier than 20kg (45lbs) in weight
  • have limbs no more than 10cm in diameter each (and bundled per above)

Outside of collection day, yard waste should be stored in a covered, dry location so the bags/cans do not become overweight due to moisture and so the paper bags remain intact for collection.

Acceptable Yard Waste Containers   

The following containers are acceptable for packaging yard waste for curbside collection in Barrie:

  • garbage cans (must have exterior handles)
  • bushel baskets
  • burlap bags
  • paper leaf and yard waste bags
  • corrugated cardboard boxes.
Unacceptable Yard Waste Containers   

The following containers are not acceptable for packaging yard waste for curbside collection in Barrie:

  • organics green bins
  • blue and grey recycling boxes
  • plastic bags

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop my leaf and yard waste off at the landfill?

Yes, residential leaf and yard waste can be dropped off at City of Barrie's Landfill Site at 272 Ferndale Drive North. There is no charge for the first 100kg of each load. The remainder of the weight over 100kg is $60.00/tonne.

A $10.00 minimum charge applies to commercial yard waste for loads under ​100kg. Loads 100kg and over are charged $60.00/tonne for total weight of load.

If the materials are packaged in plastic bags, the bags must be removed. Branches in excess of 4” in diameter will be charged the regular user rate for waste. Sod is accepted at the landfill site as long as the soil has been removed. Topsoil or 'clean fill' is NOT accepted at the landfill site.

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