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Curbside Collection

Garbage, organics, and yard waste is collected as per Barrie's curbside collection schedule. Municipal curbside collection services are available to residents and businesses. Please sort your waste for collection and have it curbside by 7am.

Curbside Collection Notices​​

Civic Holiday (August 2) Curbside Collection changes

There will be no garbage, organics, recycling and yard waste collection on Monday, August 2 in Barrie. Collection during the week of this holiday will occur one day later for the remainder of the week. 

Early Curbside Collection During Heat Warnings

Collection is currently starting at 7am each weekday morning. During Environment Canada-declared severe heat and humidity warnings, the City’s waste contractor will start curbside collection at 5:30am. Notification of early collection start time will be posted on this webpage, Facebook, Twitter, and Pingstreet by 5pm the day prior to each impacted collection day. E-bulletins will also be sent to impacted residents. If early collection is called, please put waste curbside after 7pm the night before your collection day.​

Please do not Dispose of Lithium Ion Batteries​ Curbside

Lithium ion batteries (from cell phones, drones, remote control cars, power tools etc.) cannot be disposed of in curbside garbage or recycling because doing so poses a serious fire hazard and safety threat to curbside collectors and anyone in the vicinity of collection vehicles. Please dispose of these items safely at the Hazardous Waste Depot.

2021 ​Textile Collection 

The first collection in 2021 took place the week of May 31 to June 4, 2021. There will be a second textile curbside collection in fall 2021, and there will also be textile collection bins installed at City facilities in the near future. Visit or call 1-866-927-3873 for more information about the program. 

2021 ​Waste Audits​

The City is conducting waste audits in 2021 to instruct, guide, support and measure the success of waste collection, processing and education programs. A waste study contractor will collect waste from selected residential locations. Signs are posted on contracted vehicles indicating that the contractor is working on behalf of the City.​

Masks & Gloves are not Recycled

We have received reports of an increase in masks and gloves placed in curbside recycling bins. Masks and gloves should be disposed of in the garbage, in securely tied bags.

Cleaning Wipes go in Garbage Bag

Cleaning wipes cannot go in the green bin and should not be flushed. If you're not sure where an item goes, please check the item lookup tool.

Sorting and Packaging Changes Due to COVID-19

In an effort to keep curbside collection drivers safe during this time, please:

  • place facial tissues, paper towels and napkins in a securely tied garbage bag instead of the green bin.
  • place garbage in securely tied garbage/plastic bags, not loose in your garbage can.   ​​
  • place organics in securely tied compostable bags, not loose in the green bin.​
  • keep a distance of 2 metres from curbside collection drivers.


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