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Electronics Recycling

Help protect the environment by recycling your used electronics. Bring your old unwanted electronics to the City of Barrie's Waste and Recycling Depot for free.

The City of Barrie's Waste and Recycling Depot (272 Ferndale Drive North) is open Tuesday through Saturday between 8:​30 am-3:30 pm. Electronics drop-off is available to Barrie residents only at no cost.

Clear all personal information from computers, cell phones and electronics prior to drop off. Consult manufacturers' websites and owners' manuals for information on how to do this.

Acceptable Materials for Electronics Recycling

All in one computers

Answering machines

Audio cassette players

Cameras (digital and non-digital)

CD players/recorders

Cellular phones

Closed circuit monitors

Computer key boards

Computer monitors

Computer mouse devices

Computer terminals

Digital picture frames

Disc drives


Electric Tools

DVD/Blu-ray players

External hard drives

Fax machines

Home theatre equipment


Modems (wireless and wired)

MP3/Digital audio players


PDA (cell enabled)


Portable audio/video players


Projectors (video, audio, image)



Smart phones

Stereo amplifiers




Turn tables

Tablet PCs

Typewriters (electric)

Vacuum Cleaners

Video cameras



Unacceptable Materials for Electronics Recycling


Audio/Video Cassettes/Tapes

CDs/DVDs/Blue Rays



Medical equipment

Printer cartridges


Video games

Water coolers

Why should your electronics be recycled?

Many electronics may contain hazardous material and should NOT be disposed of with regular garbage. Most of the parts such as glass, steel, copper and aluminum, plastics and precious metals can be recovered and turned into new products.

What happens to your electronics?

The electronics that you drop off at the Waste and Recycling Depot are shipped to an Ontario Electronic Stewardship approved processing facility where they are dismantled into their separate components. The materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, glass and plastic, are used to create new products. Hazardous materials are sent for further processing and proper disposal.

Visit to find alternative drop off sites near you. 


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