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Barrie Landfill

The Barrie Landfill, located at 272 Ferndale Drive North, is open to Barrie residents only. Please be prepared to show photo Identification upon entering the Landfill Site. Entry will be denied without photo I.D.

If you are sick, self-isolating due to COVID-19 symptoms, or have recently returned (within 14 days) from travel, do not visit the landfill. Protect yourself. Protect others.


  • Landfill: Tuesday to Saturday, 8:30am–3:30pm.
  • Household Hazardous Waste Facility: Saturdays only, 8:30am–3:30pm.
  • Recycling Depot: Tuesday to Saturday, 8:30am–3:30pm.
    Located at the lower gate area of the landfill. Accepted items include recyclable materials that do not carry a disposal fee, and household hazardous waste materials on Saturday only. 
  • Environmental Centre: closed until further notice.

Residents should expect longer than usual wait times, especially on peak days such as Saturday, as there is a limit to how many customers are allowed on site. The Recycling Depot, which opened August 25, helps reduce landfill wait times and make dropping off materials more efficient.

The landfill site is closed to the public every Sunday, Monday and holidays including New Year's Day; Good Friday; Canada Day; Christmas Day; Boxing Day; Christmas Eve at noon; New Year's Eve at noon.

Safety Measures at the Landfill

The following safety measures are in effect to protect the public and City staff:

  • Limited customers are allowed on site. Please adhere to a maximum of two people per vehicle, if possible, so the lineup will move faster.
  • No cash will be accepted for payment, only debit or credit card (tap preferred).
  • Physical distancing of two metres is required at all times.
  • Sale of composters, mulch and garbage bag tags will not be available at this time.
  • Pickup of recycling boxes and green bins is currently unavailable. New residents who need boxes or bins can call 705-739-4219 to request delivery to their home.
  • If you are visiting the Household Hazardous Waste Facility, please place hazardous waste material on the table and respect physical distancing.
  • To maintain essential curbside collection (occurring as scheduled), Waste Connection vehicles will be given priority entry to the landfill.


The below rates are effective March 1, 2020. Payment accepted includes MasterCard, Visa, debit, or cash.

Landfill ItemRates
Solid Waste Garbage

Loads up to 100kg $10.00

Loads 100kg and over $150.00/tonne.

Refusal to separate: Mixed loads containing more than 10% recyclable, compostable, or separable items accepted in current waste diversion programs where refusal to separate occurs.


Yard Waste Residential

First 100kg of each load no charge.

Remainder of weight over 100kg $60.00/tonne.

Yard Waste Commercial

$6.00 minimum charge for loads less than 100kg.

Loads 100kg and over are charged $60.00/tonne for total weight of load.

Miscellaneous Charges

Landfill ItemRates
Mattresses​ & box springs​ (any size)
$20.00 per piece
Static Backyard Composter
Not available at this time
Garbage Bag Tags
Not available at this time
$3.00 each

Finished Compost & Mulch For Sale

Compost is currently available, however mulch is unavailable at this time. 
Compost is generated from Barrie's leaf and yard waste collection program and is processed as per the Ontario Guidelines for Compost Quality. Please remember to bring a shovel and containers for loading your own compost, and wear appropriate footwear. Compost must be purchased by ac​​cessing the scalehouse (if you're also dropping off materials to be disposed of, advise the scalehouse attendant as you will be required to weigh in / out twice).

Large load up to 1.5 cubic metres$8.00
Small load up to 0.3 cubic metres$5.00
Commercial and Non-resident$15.00/tonne, $10.00 minimum

No-Charge Items (Disposal)

  • Diapers, May 1 – October 31 only
    During this time residents can dispose a maximum of 2 clear bags of diapers per week at the landfill (maximum weight: 20kg/bag) at no charge. Bags must consist solely of diapers. Proof of residency is required.
  • Tires off and on the rim
  • Organics
    Disposal requirements for organics at the Landfill are the same as for curbside collection
  • Scrap Metal
  • Electronics
  • Textiles
    Re-usable items are accepted in Kidney Foundation & Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy donation bins: clothing,  footwear & outerwear, belts, ties & purses, yarn, fabric & patterns, blankets, bedding & linens, draperies, pillows & cushions, luggage & sleeping bags.
  • Blue/Grey Box Materials
    Disposal requirements for recyables at the Landfill are the same as for curbside collection.
  • Cardboard
  • Damaged recycling boxes and organic bins

No-Charge Items (Pickup)

  • Recycling boxes and organic bins
    Not available at this time. Please call 705-739-4219 to request home delivery.

Insulation Disposal

All insulation must be bagged prior to disposal at the Barrie Landfill.

Tire Recycling

On road tires are accepted at the landfill site at no charge. Tires are limited to 10 tires per customer (residential only - no commercial businesses). Bicycle tires are not accepted for recycling. For information on other tire recycling locations visit

Mattress Recycling

Approximately 98% of a mattress can be recycled. Mattresses take up a significant amount of landfill space as they do not compact well. As of December 2017, 6728 mattresses have been recycled from the landfill. This is the equivalent of 173.25 tonnes of mattresses or 4036.8m3 of saved landfill space.

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos is no longer accepted for disposal at the Landfill Site. Contact a company who is licenced to handle asbestos for proper disposal or for more information.

Disposing of Appliances Containing CFCs

Appliances containing CFCs include: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water coolers, etc. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding their disposal.

How should appliances containing CFCs be disposed of in Barrie?

The Barrie Landfill Site can receive and decommission appliances containing CFCs. The fee for this service is $15​ per appliance. Alternatively, appliances already properly decommissioned by a licensed technician with the associated documentation affixed to the appliance can be received at the Landfill Site.

Why do appliances containing CFCs have to be decommissioned?

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change states that any appliances containing CFCs must be decommissioned and certified CFC free by a licensed technician. The certified notice of the decommissioning must be affixed to the appliance before it can be recycled.

What are the effects of the improper disposal of CFCs?

When released to the atmosphere, CFCs react with ozone (O3) converting it into oxygen gas (O2).The ozone layer absorbs UV-B radiation. The depletion of the ozone layer allows more of this radiation to reach the surface of the Earth. CFCs also act as greenhouse gases by trapping heat from escaping Earth’s atmosphere.

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