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 Barrie's Sustainable Waste Management Strategy 

Mission Statement: “To develop a community strategy for sustainable waste management that supports current and future service expectations in a manner that is fiscally responsible, socially acceptable and envir​onmentally sound.”

The City of Barrie’s population has been growing, and over the next 20 years the population is expected to increase to over 200,000 (or by 50%). Ongoing growth means challenges for existing waste management infrastructure, for example Barrie’s landfill is expected to close in 2035.

Socially acceptable, financially responsible and environmentally sound waste management planning is an important part of Barrie’s long term sustainable growth.

In 2012, the City of Barrie completed development of a Sustainable Waste Management Strategy. The strategy provides an action plan for effective, efficient and responsible change to our waste collection, diversion and disposal systems over a 20-year period. It is a community-based plan, with goal, policies and a vision focusing on issues related to Barrie as a whole.

SWMS Guiding Principles

Achievement Lead by example with sustainable policies and practices
Dedication Seek integrated waste management solutions including diversion
Collaboration/Transparency Facilitate cooperation and collaboration, including encouraging partnerships
Service to our Community Engage the community to ensure the SWMS meets their needs and objectives
Sustainability/Integrity Recognize waste is a resource and find solutions that support reduction, reuse, recycling and energy recovery before disposal
Continuous Improvement Invest in infrastructure with the flexibility to accommodate growth, changing policies and encourage innovation

Implementation Schedule & Priority Initiatives

First Priority (2012-2016) Initiatives
Lobby for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • Work with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, the Ontario Waste Management Association, the Municipal Waste Association and other associations to lobby the Province for EPR
Enhanced Promotion and Education
  • Complete a comprehensive Communications Plan for all of Barrie's waste management services and update annually
  • Re-launch green bin program
Modify Collection of Waste, Recyclables and Organics
  • Weekly garbage collection to bi-weekly to encourage diversion
  • Four day collection cycle to reduce shifting collection on holidays
  • Reduce IC&I garbage bag limit from 10 to 6 bags per week
Implement Multi Family Green Bin Program
  • Provide necessary carts and bins
  • Reduce garbage collection limits in multi-residential sector
Improve Diversion
  • Implement curbside recycling programs for plastic film, empty paint cans and aerosol containers
  • Expand collection depot at landfill to include construction and demolition waste and mattresses
  • Plan for additional collection depot in south end of Barrie
  • Charge a tipping fee for sweepings, grit and sand
Regional Partnership Initiatives
  • Establish a Regional Partnership Committee to align programs, and consider joint processing and disposal opportunities
  • Evaluate alternative disposal options (i.e. Thermal Treatment, Mechanical Biological Treatment)
Cost Saving Measures
  • Provide replacement blue and grey bins and green carts to residents and businesses on a partial cost recovery basis
  • Eliminate the annual 100kg free load of garbage for residents

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