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Rethink Waste

Reduce Electronic Waste

This page contains tips for rethinking your approach to electronic waste and reduce the waste you generate.

Electronic waste (e-waste) includes items you once turned on or plugged in. This is becoming one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world because of the advances in technology and new products released every year. It's more important than ever to think about where your electronics are going when you don't need them anymore.

City Initiatives & Programs

Ways to Reduce E-Waste

Change your Buying Habits

Instead of purchasing new electronics, consider if refurbished electronics may meet your needs. If you must buy new, buy from manufacturers or companies that offer recycling or trade-in programs, and take advantage of these programs.

Use your Electronics for Longer

The best way to reduce the impact that we have on the environment is to make sure that we can use the electronics that we already own for as long as possible. Hold on to your device longer instead of upgrading to the latest version, and repair broken electronics whenever possible. See repair resources.

Recycle or Donate your Electronics

The parts that make up your electronics (steel, glass, copper, aluminum, precious metals, etc.) can be recovered and made into new products. The City works to keep unauthorized donation bins for electronics out of the community. There are many options to recycle or donate your electronics and keep them out of Barrie's landfill.

TypeOptions to Recycle or Donate
ALL e-waste
Mobile Devices
  • Recycle My Cell is Canada's national recycling program for mobile devices and accessories, and offers multiple drop-locations in Barrie.
  • Phone It Forward | CNIB: Donated smartphones are wiped to the highest data security standards, loaded with accessible apps, and provided to people with sight loss who need them, along with technical training, discounted maintenance, and data plan support.
Computers & Accessories
Household electronics (useable)
  • Habitat for Humanity offers drop-off and pickup services for useable household electronics and more.
  • Stuff accepts drop-offs of small electronics.
  • Value Village accepts drop-offs of electronics.

The above resources were compiled by City staff to provide helpful information to Barrie residents. Linked resources are not all affiliated with the corporation of the City of Barrie. Please refer to linked websites for full and accurate information. If you know of have a resource you'd like added, please email for consideration.

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