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​Active Transportation Project

Cycle Barrie Infrastructure Program

The development of a City-wide cycling infrastructure implementation plan and follow-on infrastructure program.

The City's 2019 Transportation Master Plan includes a comprehensive cycling network; however, most cycling projects are linked to major capital projects associated with road widening and road reconstruction. Given the City's limited ability to undertake such works in a timely manner due to capital costs and the desire to implement cycling infrastructure more rapidly, a need was identified to de-couple the implementation of cycling infrastructure from major capital projects.

Project Updates 

April 2021: The City is undertaking procurement to retain an engineering consultant firm to deliver the project.


The purpose of this project is to develop an interim cycling network that provides a significant improvement in network connectivity by leveraging a combination of streets that are considered low stress with low traffic volumes, road diets, and strategic infrastructure projects to address network gaps to provide a significantly improved cycling network that is achievable at a significantly increased pace. This project is also intended to significantly improve signage and wayfinding to better direct cyclists to desired routes.

Project Schedule


Phase 1
Program Development

The City will retain an engineering consulting firm to undertake development of the cycling program including public consultation, network validation/development and functional design to address network gaps.This work will culminate with a recommended multi-year design and construction program to implement recommended infrastructure.


Phase 2
Implementation: Road Diets / Signed Routes

This work will consist of the implementation of road diets and signed routes not requiring physical construction.  The objective is to implement these infrastructure types as quickly as possible subject to project funding.


Phase 3
Implementation: Network Gaps (detailed design to commence)

Network gaps requiring physical construction need additional time to allow for additional studies (if required), detailed design, utility relocations, property acquisition (where required) and construction.  Recommendations from Phase 1 will inform the development of the capital program to address these gaps but are subject to project funding as well as other considerations including capital works associated with the corridors where these gaps are located.

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