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Barrie Transit General Information

Barrie Transit offers conventional service and specialized transit services for people with mobility restrictions. General transit information and frequently asked questions are included on this page. ​

Please visit for up-to-date information regarding any transit service interruptions.

​​Electrifying the Barrie Transit Fleet (Pilot Program​)

​On June 28, 2021, City Council adopted a motion​ that endorsed the conversion of the Barrie Transit fleet to battery electric buses (BEBs). The next step in the conversion of the Barrie Transit fleet to BEBs is the development of a pilot program. Updates on the creation and launch of the pilot program will be communicated as they become available.

Quick Guide to Using Barrie Transit

Barrie Transit operates a total of 9 two-directional conventional routes​. The “A” or “B” in the route number (ex. 1A) indicates the travel direction of the route. Visit for interactive trip planning tools or consult Schedules & Maps to view individual route details.

Get Live-Bus Schedule Information

Before you leave the house, get real time live bus information by going to  or get up-to-the-minute bus arrival times by calling or texting 705-999-8956 & entering your stop number and route.

Please refer to the MyRide Texting Document for more information about how to use this feature. Each bus stop & hub is assigned a specific stop number. Stop numbers are displayed on all bus stop signs and within route maps and schedules; you can also look up your stop number ​using the online Stop Number Lookup Tool.

Have Your Fare and I.D. Ready

Have your applicable fare, ride card, pass, transfer and identification card ready when boarding the bus. Please have exact change; bus Operators do not carry money and cannot make change. If you are a Senior (65+), student, a person who is visually  impaired (CNIB), or have been approved to travel with an Attendant, please be prepared to show the appropriate, valid I.D. with your ride card or pass. Failure to display the appropriate identification may result in refusal of service or confiscation of your ride card or pass.

Photo I.D. for Students

If a full-time student cannot obtain a valid student photo I.D. card from their educational institution, a Barrie Transit student photo I.D. card can be purchased for $5. A student photo I.D. application form must be completed in full by the school administration office. Hard copies of the application are available at the Transit Terminal and sales locations (excludes Georgian College). Qualifying students must be registered in a full-time recognized program with an accredited school or institution. Completed application forms (original copies only) are accepted in person at the Barrie Transit Terminal ticket window (24 Maple Ave).

Photo I.D. for Attendants

An Attendant is a support person who assists with communication, mobility, personal care, medical and behavioural needs. Customers who require an attendant must complete and submit a Barrie Transit Attendant Card Application Form. This card includes photo ID that identifies the cardholder as a person who, because of their disability, needs to be accompanied by a support person and is unable to use conventional public transit service independently.

Board & Exit the Bus Safely

Bus stops may have a shelter. When the bus is approaching, exit the shelter and stand near the bus stop sign. Board the bus at the front door; exit at the rear when possible. Barrie Transit is pleased to provide accessible buses on all our Conventional transit routes. Buses include accessible features such as hand rails, low floor buses with ramp entry (deployed upon request, maximum weight  600lbs/272 kg) designated courtesy seating with space for two wheelchairs or for any person with a disability who may require the use of this space.

Announcements & Displays

Conventional buses are also equipped with pre-boarding announcement and on-board next stop display & announcement systems. This means that before you board the bus will announce the route number and name and while on board each stop is verbally and visually announced through electronic means.

Please Keep the Aisle Clear

Please try to keep the aisle clear, & fold strollers upon boarding if possible. Priority Seating must be vacated if seating is required by a person with a disability. Operators will not intervene to enforce this requirement. Transfers can be requested from the Transit Operator when boarding the bus.

Secure Assistive Devices (Wheelchairs & Scooters) 

Please refer to the Assistive Device Guidelines Information Sheet.

Barrie Transit highly recommends the securement of assistive/mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters to avoid potential injury. Assistive devices must:

  • Have properly inflated tires
  • Not exceed 30 inches in width and 42 inches in length
  • Have working brakes and apply brakes while the bus is in motion
  • Have proper securement/seatbelts
  • Assistive devices such as a powered wheelchair or vacant scooter must be turned off while the bus is in motion.

If the assistive device does not meet this criteria, the passenger may not be accommodated. 

Passengers travelling on a scooter are encouraged to transfer to a seat.

Remaining on  the scooter is not safe in the event of an emergency stop or turn.

Passengers using an assistive device must use all securement or none of  them, lap and shoulder belts as per manufacturer's specification depending on the bus must be used.
Observe Transit & Safety Guidelines

The following guidelines help ensure the safety & comfort of all bus passengers:

  • Children should be removed from their strollers when on board; children must be removed from wagons.
  • Priority seating is designated for use as follows:

    (1) People using wheelchairs or scooter

    (2) Persons with disabilities

    (3) Children in strollers
    Note: Children in strollers will be accommodated, however, should anyone noted in priority (1) or (2) require the wheelchair area, you will be asked to move to another seat and you may need to fold your stroller.
  • Shirts & shoes must be worn.
  • No feet on the bus seats.
  • Inline/roller/ice skates must be removed before boarding.
  • No eating, drinking or loud music permitted on board.
  • Items must be safely contained.
  • No toxic/flammable/hazardous materials on board.
  • Securely leashed/contained and or caged dogs & non-exotic pets under the care and control of the owner at all times are permitted on a Barrie Transit vehicle (except during peak periods: Mon–Fri, 7–9am & 3–6:30pm). All pets must remain off bus seats. Service animals are permitted anytime.
  • Securely leashed/contained and/or caged dogs & non-exotic pets are permitted inside the Downtown Terminal at 24 Maple Avenue. All pets must remain off Terminal seats and benches.
  • Large articles may be permitted on board at the Transit Operator’s discretion providing there is adequate space & they do not block the aisles/doors or inconvenience other riders. The Transit Operator is not required to assist with the boarding & unloading of these articles.
  • No smoking in City facilities, on City property, buses or at bus shelters/stops.
  • Please refrain from wearing heavy scents or perfumes.
  • Please remain behind the yellow line at all times and avoid engaging in lengthy conversations with Operator while the bus in motion.

Barrie Transit Terminal

The Transit Terminal is located downtown at 24 Maple Avenue and open seven days a week from 7am–10pm. The amount of people allowed in the terminal at the same time is controlled to ensure customers can maintain a 2-metre distance from each other.

Barrie Transit ON Demand​

Transit ON Demand​ is a Barrie Transit service without a fixed schedule or route. The bus travel is optimized by a computer-based upon rider trip requests. TOD operates within a specific zone allowing riders to travel from bus stop to bus stop within the zone on demand. ​​

​MagnusCards Makes Transit Experience more Accessible

Barrie Transit offers MagnusCards, a free app featuring digital guides to support travelers with cognitive special needs for easier, stress-free mobility throughout Barrie. These cards break down Barrie Transit processes into simple, manageable steps to allow for predictability in an unfamiliar environment, promote independence, build confidence, and enhance safety and sense of inclusion.

Using MagnusCards is easy:

  1. Download MagnusCards for free from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Select ‘Travel’ and find Barrie Transit in the list of service partners.
  3. Download the card deck for the task you are interested in.
  4. Read and follow the instructions.

The five card decks feature pictures from Barrie Transit paired with simple text and audio that clearly outline necessary steps for tasks including: buying passes, planning a trip, how to ride the bus, staying safe and getting help, and understanding the transit map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for a Student Pass?

Students who are Elementary (13+years), High school, Secondary and Post Secondary Students with valid photo ID, are eligible for Student Ride Cards & Student Monthly Passes. Georgian College students are also eligible for a Georgian College Semester Pass. All Students must be registered full-time recognized educational program with an accredited school or institution. Proof of enrollment may be required. Upon boarding, valid student photo I.D. (card issued by the educational institution; or a valid Barrie Transit Photo I.D. Card**) must be presented along with the pass. Without valid photo I.D. the Adult fare applies.

Please visit the Fares page for full information.

Photo ID

**If a full-time student cannot obtain a valid student photo I.D. card from their educational institution, a Barrie Transit student photo I.D. card can be purchased for $5.00. A student photo I.D. application form must be completed in full by the school administration office. Hard copies are available at any Barrie Transit Terminal and sales location (excludes Georgian College location). To qualify students must be registered in a full time recognized program with an accredited school or institution. Please refer to the criteria on the application form. Completed applications forms are to be submitted in person to the Barrie Transit Terminal ticket window located at 24 Maple Avenue. Only original copies of this application form will be accepted.

Where are the sales locations where I can buy a pass?

Monthly passes & ride cards can be purchased at the following sales locations:

  • The Downtown Terminal (24 Maple Avenue)
  • City Hall Service Barrie, 1st Floor (70 Collier Street)
  • Allandale Recreation Centre (190 Bayview Drive)
  • East Bayfield Community Centre (80 Livingstone Street East)
  • Peggy Hill Team Community Centre (171 Mapleton Avenue)
  • Parkview Community Centre (189 Blake Street)
  • Georgian College Book Store (Student & Adult monthly passes, Student & Adult 10-Ride Cards only)

Individual & Family day passes are only available for purchase  at the Downtown Terminal and on Conventional buses.

Barrie Transit is not responsible for lost or stolen ride cards or passes. Passes are not transferable and are non-refundable.

What service is offered on holidays?
Barrie Transit does not operate on the following holidays:
  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Victoria Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Special services are provided on Canada Day, Civic Holiday, & Boxing Day and New Years Eve.

How do transfers work?

Passengers can transfer routes at any point where two routes connect. Passengers must request a transfer when they first board the bus if they require a transfer to continue along their route. When boarding a bus with a transfer, passengers must scan the barcode transfer ticket on the fare box. If, for any reason the fare box scan option is not available, passengers must then present the transfer to the Operator unfolded and date-side up for inspection. Transfers must NOT be placed in the fare box.
A transfer is valid for 75 minutes from the time of issue and is valid as part of one continuous trip from origin to destination. Please retain your transfer if you need to travel on multiple buses to arrive at your destination.
Transfers are non-transferable and have no cash value.

What is the Night Stop program?

The Night Stop program allows passengers who feel it would be safer to disembark from the bus closer to their destination than the nearest transit stop. The service is in effect from dusk or approx.. 9 p.m. until the end of evening service. Passengers can request the Transit Operator to stop at any safe location (Operator discretion) along a route. Let the transit operator know at least one stop before the location you wish to disembark and leave from the front door.

I left an article on the bus. Does Barrie Transit have a LOST and FOUND area?

All articles found on our buses are processed first and will then be taken to the Lost and Found at the Barrie Transit Terminal, 24 Maple Avenue. Processing can take 1-2 business days, therefore we suggest you contact  705-726-4242 or first before visiting the Terminal. Hours of operation are 7 am - 10 pm daily. Note: due to limited storage space, lost and found items are only held for one (1) week.

Where can I get a system map or hard copies of the routes/schedules?

Printed copies of the System Map  and Ride Guide are available for pick-up at City Hall (1st  floor, Service Barrie), the Downtown Transit Terminal, and our three main community centres. Staff at these locations are happy to print individual route schedules and maps upon request. Copies and accessible formats are also available upon request by emailing .

What is Specialized Transit ?

Specialized Transit  is a door to door shared ride accessible public transit service provided by the City of Barrie, operated to assist those persons with mobility difficulties.  Riders must be apply and be registered to use the service. 

Before you apply, please consider Barrie Transit is pleased to provide accessible buses on all our Conventional transit routes. Buses include accessible features such as hand rails, low floor buses with ramp entry (deployed upon request, maximum weight  600lbs/272 kg)   designated courtesy seating  with space for two wheelchairs or for any person with a disability  who may require the use of this space. Conventional buses are also equipped with pre-boarding announcement and on-board next stop display & announcement systems. This means that before you board the bus will announce the route number and name and while on board each stop is verbally and visually announced through electronic means.

Will there ever be an option to pay bus fare with Presto Cards (like there is in the GTA)?

Barrie may be part of it in the future. We will accept PRESTO as a visual pass for free bus travel to the GO train. When connecting to the GO Train, your Barrie Transit ride is free if you have GO Transit ticket or Presto Fare Card and your ride is within 30 minutes of arrival or departure train times at Allandale Waterfront or Barrie South GO stations.

How can I get a shelter or bench installed at my bus stop?

As part of Barrie Transit’s ongoing commitment to improving customer service on and off the bus, shelter and bench locations are considered based on the following factors:

  • Boarding levels (number of daily transit vehicle boarding’s at the bus stop)
  • Use as a transfer point
  • Proximity to facilities that see high levels of pedestrian usage (i.e. hospitals/medical, schools, malls/businesses, assisted living, etc.)
  • Exposure to inclement weather
  • Sightlines for pedestrians and traffic
  • Availability of physical space at the site and accessibility of area
  • Proximity to underground utilities
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