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Schedules & Maps

​Barrie Transit produces individual route summary brochures for your convenience. Visit for trip planning and real-time bus information.

Staff at City Hall (1st floor Info Desk), the Downtown Transit Terminal, and three main community centres are happy to print route schedules and maps upon request.

See the Barrie Transit Platform Map for details on which platform your route will go to at the Downtown Transit Terminal, Allandale GO Station, Barrie South GO, and Park Place.

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#Route NamesSchedules
Route 100 Schedule
Route 1 Schedule
Route 2 Schedule
Route 4 Schedule
Route 5 Schedule
Route 6 Schedule 
Route 7 Schedule

Route 8A Schedule

Route 8B Sche​dule

8A/8B Bear Creek Special

No fixed schedule or route, operates within a specific zone.

Schedules are subject to change without notice; changes are posted on Transit Notices.
Full schedules will be posted wi​th the resumption of regular service schedules.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for a Student Pass?

High school students are eligible for Reduced Ride Cards & Student Monthly Passes. Full-time post-secondary students (those registered in a full-time educational program) are eligible for Adult Ride Cards, Student Monthly Passes, and/or a Georgian College Semester Pass. Valid student photo I.D. (card issued by the educational institution; or a valid Barrie Transit Photo I.D. Card*) must be presented along with the pass. Without valid photo I.D. the Adult fare applies.

Please visit the Fares page for full information.

*If a full-time student cannot obtain a valid student photo I.D. card from their educational institution, a Barrie Transit Photo I.D. Card can be purchased for $5.00. To qualify students must be registered in a full time recognized program with an accredited school or institution. Photo ID application forms must be completed by the school administration office; hard copies of the application are available at any Barrie Transit sales location.
Where are the sales locations where I can buy a pass?

Barrie Transit passes & ride cards can be purchased at the following sales locations:

  • The Downtown Terminal (24 Maple Avenue)
  • City Hall Service Barrie (70 Collier Street, 1st Floor)
  • Allandale Recreation Centre (190 Bayview Drive)
  • East Bayfield Community Centre (80 Livingstone Street East)
  • Peggy Hill Team Community Centre (171 Mapleton Avenue)
  • Georgian College Book Store ( 2, 5 & 10 Ride Cards, Adult & Student Monthly and Semester available only)
  • Visit the Fares page for Route 90 fare & sales location information
What service is offered on holidays?
Barrie Transit does not operate on the following holidays:
  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Victoria Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Special services are provided on Canada Day, Civic Holiday, & Boxing Day.

How do transfers work?

Passengers can transfer routes at any point where two routes connect. Passengers must request a transfer when they first board the bus if they require a transfer to continue along their route. When boarding a bus with a transfer, passengers must scan the barcode transfer ticket on the fare box. If, for any reason the fare box scan option is not available, passengers must then present the transfer t the Operator unfolded and date-side up for inspection. Transfers must NOT be placed in the fare box.
A transfer is valid for one hour (60 minutes) from the time of issue and is valid as part of one continuous trip from origin to destination. Please retain your transfer if you need to travel on multiple buses to arrive at your destination . Transfers are non-transferable and have no cash value.

What is the Night Stop program?

The Night Stop program allows passengers who feel it would be more convenient or safer to disembark from the bus closer to their destination than the nearest transit stop. The service is in effect from dusk or 9 p.m. until the end of evening service. Passengers can request the Transit Operator to stop at any safe location(Operator discretion) along a route. Let the transit operator know at least one stop before the location you wish to disembark and leave from the front door.

I left an article on the bus. Does Barrie Transit have a LOST and FOUND area?

All articles found on our buses are processed and will then be taken to the Lost and Found at the Barrie Transit Terminal, 24 Maple Avenue. Processing can take 1-2 business days, therefore we suggest you contact 705-726-4242 or first before visiting the Terminal. Due to limited storage space, lost and found items are only held up to 30 days.

Where can I get a hard copies of the system map or individual routes/schedules?

In addition to Ride Guides, printed copies of the System Map are available for pick-up at City Hall (1st floor Access Barrie and 1st floor Info Desk), the Downtown Transit Terminal, and our three main community centres. Staff at these locations are happy to print individual route schedules and maps upon request. Accessible formats are available upon request.

What is Specialized Transit?

Specialized Transit is a specialized bus transportation service provided by the City of Barrie, operated to assist those persons with mobility difficulties. This service provides transportation from accessible door to accessible door. Riders must be registered to use the Specialized Transit Service. Please visit Accessible Transportation for more information.

Barrie Transit is pleased to provide our community with accessible low floor buses on all our transit routes. Low floor buses have no stairs so boarding is easy, plus they have a ramp and space for two wheelchairs or for people with disabilities who require the use of this space. Our Transit fleet is also equipped with on-board next stop announcement system, which means that each stop is verbally and visually announced through electronic means. Should you require to know the direction or destination of the bus you are boarding please ask the Operator.

Will there ever be an option to pay bus fare with Presto Cards (like there is in the GTA)?

Barrie may be part of it in the future. We will accept PRESTO as a visual pass for free bus travel to the GO train. Plus more direct service to the GO stations under the new route model.

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