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2021 Resurfacing Program

The City’s Road Resurfacing Program looks at the window of opportunity for preserving roads before they’re in poor condition.

The primary purpose of the asphalt road resurfacing is to proactively prevent roads from deteriorating to the point that they would require more extensive and costly rehabilitation and/or reconstruction.

Resurfacing treatment mainly involves the repair of defects, cracks and rutting found in the top levels of the road. By preserving roads early in their lives, deterioration can be delayed by years, meaning not only more significant cost savings, but more roads in better condition. 

Selected Roads

The 2021 Asphalt Resurfacing Program includes the following roadway sections, where the asphalt surface has deteriorated with patches, multiple cracks and some rutting. When determining which roads qualify for the program, staff also consider:

  • infrastructure buried below the road, to make sure that nothing else needs repairing. If a watermain needs attention, a more coordinated approach for repairs may be better.
  • traffic volumes.
  • how frequently a road gets used.
Ardagh Rd.Ferndale Dr. to Patterson Rd.
​Bayfield St.​Grove St to Ross St
​Dunlop St.​Ferndale Dr. to Miller Dr.
Hamilton Rd.Welham Rd. to Truman Rd.
​Huronia Rd.​Mapleview Dr. to Loon Ave.
​Hooper Rd.​Saunders Rd to Welham Rd.
​Patterson Rd​Tiffin St. to Ardagh Rd.
​Rawson Ave.​Saunders Rd to Lockhart Rd.
​Rose St.​St. Vincent St. to Duckworth St.
​Saunders Rd.​Welham Rd. to Rawson Ave.
​St. Vincent St.​Livingstone St. to 220 m north Hanmer St.
​Truman Rd.​Hamilton Rd. to Huronia Rd.
​Welham Rd.​Saunders Rd to 60 m north of Hooper Rd.

Please visit Pavement Management to learn more about how the City selects candidates for pavement rehabilitation, information about asbestos in asphalt, and more.

Project Scheduling

The full program will take place from May to September, 2021. Project updates will be added to this page that outline work currently underway. The work on each street will start with concrete curb and sidewalk replacements, followed by the asphalt repaving work.    

Affected Services

Water, sanitary, sewer, Hydro, Telephone, Cable TV, and gas services should not be affected by the construction, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Curbside Collection: On the normal curbside collection day, residents are asked to place all garbage, organics, recyclables and yard waste materials at the front of your property as usual by 7am, otherwise these items might not be picked up. The construction contractor will remove these items and take them to outside of the construction zone, for pickup by the City’s waste pickup contractor.

Access to Properties

All reasonable efforts will be made to maintain vehicle access to driveways. However, there may be some temporary interruptions to access during construction. Access will be restored as quickly as possible. The Contractor will provide prior notice of any imminent access restrictions to the businesses and residents. Pedestrian access to all homes and businesses will be maintained during construction.


The Contractor is required to conduct his work in a safe manner, including fencing of deep excavations, etc. We ask that you take extra caution during the construction period to ensure everyone’s safety

Traffic Impact

All road will remain open to through traffic during construction, although lane closures and restrictions can be expected in order to accommodate construction activities. We ask for your patience in such instances.​​

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