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Construction Project

Dunlop Streetscape Project 

The Dunlop Street improvements focus on safe pedestrian movements and accessibility throughout the Dunlop Street corridor (Toronto to Mulcaster), as well as ensuring area businesses are better serviced through enhanced lighting, visibility and service opportunities.

Dunlop Street is a vital component and attraction to downtown Barrie. With proposed intensification in the downtown, maintaining and enhancing this corridor is an essential component in the success of downtown revitalization and the City’s Downtown Commercial Master Plan. This $13.1M project will transform downtown and make it more accessible, pedestrian-friendly and attractive to residents and visitors. 

Project Updates

Are you a downtown business owner affected by construction? ​​​​​​For daily and weekly construction updates, visit the ​Barrie BIA's website.

September 18, 2020

Storm works continue in the Five Points intersection. Paverstone placement continues along Dunlop St. between Maple Ave. and Mary St. Pole installation is taking place between M​aple Ave. and Bayfield St. The Mary St. intersection will likely reopen by the end of next week (Sept. 25). It has been slightly delayed due to unforeseen underground infrastructure work. Once it reopens, the Toronto St. intersection will close.​

Previous 2020 Updates

September 11, 2020
Work continues in the Five Points intersection with removals, and paverstone placement and utility installation are taking place in the Mary St. intersection. The Mary St. intersection will likely reopen by the end of next week (Sept. 18). Once it reopens, the Toronto St. intersection will close. 

August 31, 2020
The intersection of Dunlop St./Maple Ave. is scheduled to be open by end of day on Wednesday, Sept. 2. The 5 Points intersection is scheduled to close on Thursday, Sept. 3. The Dunlop St./Mary St. intersection is anticipated to be open next week and the Dunlop St./Toronto St. intersection will close once the Dunlop St./Mary St. intersection opens. The sections of Dunlop St. between Bayfield St. to Maple Ave., Maple Ave. to Mary St., and Mary St. to Toronto St. remain closed. Once work is completed in those areas, they will reopen. 

August 18, 2020

Dunlop St. from Maple Ave. to Mary St. is expected to open the week of August 31, weather permitting. Dunlop St. from Mary St. to Maple Ave., including the intersections of Mary St. and Maple Ave., remain closed. Underground works are generally complete, but surface work and road preparation are ongoing. Paving of this section is anticipated to happen the week of August 24. The Five Points intersection closure, the Toronto St. intersection closure and the associated work on Dunlop St. in this area is anticipated to begin the week of August 31 and will be complete by early November. The Toronto St. intersection and Five Points intersection closures are anticipated to begin once the Mary St. and Maple Ave. ​More details are outlined in this info bulletin​. ​

July 30, 2020

The section of Dunlop St. from Owen St. to Clapperton St. will be reopened as outlined here:​The east limit construction fencing will be relocated to the west limit of the pedestrian crossing and the road will be cleaned by approximately 6 p.m. on Friday, July 31. The concrete/interlock works in front of Donaleigh’s will be the first priority. This area is scheduled to be completed no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 5.

The east limit of construction fence will continue to be moved westward as interlock works are completed each day. The section between the pedestrian crossing to up to 20m east of the Bayfield St. intersection will be open by 6 p.m. on Friday, August 7. 

July 20, 2020

Concrete and interlock installation between Owen St. and Clapperton St. is wrapping up. Fencing will still be in place in a small section on Dunlop St. towards Clapperton St. for storage of material until the Five Points (Bayfield/Clapperton) intersection is closed. The work from Owen St. to Clapperton St., as well as the work from Maple Ave. to Mary St., is slightly behind schedule due to extreme weather conditions and some unforeseen utility issues. 


July 10, 2020

Removal of existing fixtures continues, as well as storm sewer works between Bayfield St. and Maple Ave., and Mary St. and Toronto St. Preparation for the road base and curb is occurring in the remaining section from Owen St. to Clapperton St. and between Maple Ave. and Mary St. Soil cell installation in the area from Maple Ave. to Bayfield St. is continuing. In the area of Owen St. to Clapperton St., unit pavers are being placed.

June 26, 2020

Paving stone installation and tree installation between Owen St. and Clapperton St. is ongoing. Electrical work in this section is almost complete. Road base preparation for concrete installation is ongoing from around 28 Dunlop St. E. to Clapperton St. Soil cell installation between Maple Ave. and Mary St. is generally completed. Removal of existing fixtures continues from Maple Ave. to Bayfield St. and from Mary St. to Toronto St. Storm sewer work continues between Bayfield St. and Mary St.

June 19, 2020 

Dunlop street from Mulcaster to Owen is now fully reopen.

June 11, 2020

The Owen St. intersection work is nearing completion and the intersection is expected to open late afternoon or early evening on June 15, weather permitting. On June 15, the fencing will be extended to west of Bayfield St. and east of Toronto St. 

Dunlop St. from Mary St. to Maple Ave., including the intersection of Maple Ave. and the intersection of Mary St.​​ will be closed. Dunlop St. from Mary St. to Maple Ave., including the intersections, are anticipated to be complete by mid-July. View Information Bulletin #5 for further details.​ The intersection closures effect Barrie Transit​.

May 29, 2020

Tree and plant installation is almost complete between Mulcaster St. and Owen St. Curb and sidewalk work from Owen St. to Clapperton St., including Meridian Square, is ongoing. Soil cell installation between Owen St. and Clapperton St. is nearing completion. Pole bases and electrical installation between Owen St. and Clapperton St. is ongoing. Removals between Maple Ave. and Mary St. are complete, as well as watermain work in this area. Storm sewer installation is nearing completion in this section. Soil cell installation will begin next week between Maple Ave. and Mary St.

May 15, 2020

Tree installation from Mulcaster St. to Owen St. has started and will continue into next week. Soil cell and conduit installation continues from Owen St. to Clapperton St., and preparation of the road base at the Owen St. intersection is taking place. Watermain installation and commissioning is complete on Maple Ave. Water interruption is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19 to connect the new watermain to the existing watermain (see update below). Removals of existing fixtures from Maple Ave. to Mary St. contin​ue. Storm sewer installation between Maple Ave. and Mary St. is ongoing.   

May 14, 2020

Notice of an Interruption of Water Supply (south connections and north connections​)​, scheduled to occur on Tuesday, May 19, has been distributed to impacted businesses and residences: 39 Dunlop St. W., 29 Maple Ave., 31 Maple Ave., 37 Dunlop St. W. 16 Bayfield St., 41 Maple Ave. to 80 Maple Ave, and 32, 36 & 38 Dunlop St. W.

May 8, 2020

Work on the watermain and removals in the Maple St. to Mary St. area continues. Electrical duct installation in the Mulcaster St./Owen St. area is ongoing. Catch basin installation in the Maple St. to Mary St. area will begin next week.

May 1, 2020

Notice of an Interruption of Water Supply​, scheduled to occur on Monday, May 4, has been distributed to impacted businesses and residences: 39 Dunlop Street W., 29 Maple Avenue, 31 Maple Avenue and 37 Maple Avenue.


April 24, 2020

Tree pits from Mulcaster St. to Owen St. are nearing completion. Trees will be added later. The Owen St. intersection is nearing completion. Removals between Owen St. and Clapperton St. are complete. Catch basin and soil cell installation is ongoing in this area. Fencing and traffic control will be set up between Mary St. and Maple Ave. on April 27. Watermain installation is anticipated to begin the week of May 4. The next stages of the Dunlop St. construction project are moving forward with a few changes (see updates in the timelines chart below). Arnott Construction has been able to advance the construction schedule, due to an additional crew available and reduced traffic downtown.​

March 30, 2020

The sanitary sewer installation and watermain installation on Owen St. is complete. ​Installation of the box culvert on Owen St. will continue this week. Temporary street lights have been changed to permanent street lights from Poyntz St to Owen St. Continued work on soil cells and tree pits between Mulcaster St. and Owen St. will take place this week, as well as removals from Owen St. to Clapperton St. In light of recent developments related to COVID-19, the project team is monitoring and assessing impacts to the overall project schedule. 

March 27, 2020

Notice of an interruption of water supply​, scheduled to occur on Sunday, March 29 and Monday, March 30, has been distributed to impacted businesses and residences: Dunlop St. E. from 50 Dunlop St. E. to Mulcaster St., and Owen St. from Collier St. to Dunlop St. E.

March 20, 2020

Work has been done in the section on Dunlop St. near Owen St. to facilitate installation of a new  waterm ain and removal of an existing one, as well as sanitary sewer and storm box culvert work. There has also been additional soil cell and tree pit work in the first section of construction.  Construction will advance next week into the next section of Dunlop St. (from Owen St. to Clapperton St.).  Starting March 23, construction fencing will be extended from Owen St. to Clapperton St.​ ​Box culvert construction at Owen St. will start next week.  Dunlop St. will be closed to vehicular traffic from Owen St. to Clapperton St. There will be no through vehicular traffic from Mulcaster St. to Clapperton St. Local traffic only will remain from Mulcaster St. to Owen St. and pedestrian access through the construction zone will be maintained.

March 2, 2020

Notice of an Interruption of Water Supply, scheduled to occur on Thursday, March 5, has been distributed to impacted businesses and residences: Dunlop St. E. from 50 Dunlop to Mulcaster; Owen St. from Collier to Dunlop.

February 27, 2020

Trees, plants and planters will be installed in the spring. Some work in the boulevard areas will take place, such as digging at each tree location to install the tree grate system and replacing the temporary asphalt with concrete. The temporary asphalt sidewalks that are installed in the transitional areas (near the Owen St. intersection) will be replaced with permanent sidewalk. The final top layer asphalt will be paved on the road from Poyntz St. to Toronto St. at the end of the project this fall.

Bell Canada has been doing utility work over the winter months (January through to early March) in the intersection of Owen/Dunlop St. The Bell winter work requires a closure of Owen St. The expected completion of this work is early March, but Owen St. will remain closed from Collier to Dunlop (local traffic only) for the next phase of construction.
Phase 1 (2019) Updates

The first phase of construction took place on Dunlop St. (Poyntz to east of Owen) from August to November 2019​. Below are the archived updates posted to this webpage during that time.

November 15, 2019
Pay n' Display parking meters were installed on Nov. 14 and on-street parking is available. There will be a full lane closure of the westbound lane on Dunlop Street West between Bayfield Street and Maple Avenue, starting on November 18 at 7 a.m.  until November 20, 2019 at 7 PM. The lane closure is required to upgrade Bell utilities infrastructure.

November 8, 2019

The street is intended to reopen to traffic at 10 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 8. On-street parking will NOT be available on Nov. 9 and 10 while the contractor completes a few finishing touches and cleans up the area. There will also be intermittent lane closures in this section of Dunlop St. on Nov. 9 and 10.

As with any project, there are a few loose ends:

  • New permanent streetlight installation will take place in Jan. 2020 as a result of delivery delays.
  •  Street benches, as well as trees and plants, will be installed in spring 2020.
  •  Some work in the boulevard areas of Phase 1A in spring 2020.
  • Temporary (base layer) asphalt sidewalks will be installed in the transitional area (near the Owen St. intersection). The final top layer asphalt will be paved on Dunlop St. at the end of the project, in fall 2020.

In addition to the listed outstanding work, Bell Canada needs to do work in the area to accommodate developments. Coordination with the Streetscape project is critical. 

  • Bayfield St. and a half block west on Dunlop St. will have lane closures and some full closures for about three weeks starting in late Nov. 
  • The intersection of Owen St. and Dunlop St. will have utility work in Jan. and Feb. 2020. Owen St. will be closed between Dunlop St. and Collier St., but the east/west lanes of Dunlop Street will remain open at this time.
Read the full details in Information Bulletin #2

November 1, 2019

  • Sidewalks, building aprons and planter boxes have been poured and installed. Removable bollards are also now installed.
  • During the week of Nov. 4, paver stone installation will be completed, the paving of the base course and the tempororary asphalt will go in. 
  • The first phases of the Dunlop (Preliminary Phase and Phase 1A) will be complete by 10 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 8 and the street will reopen. 

October 18, 2019

  • Work is progressing as scheduled. The soil cells are almost complete, paver stone installation continues and electrical work is ongoing.
  • Sidewalk installation has started and will continue next week.

October 4, 2019

  • Soil cell installation has been done on part of the street. These below groud cells allow the growth of the tree roots that will be planted. The catch basins will collect rainwater to help water the trees. Curbs have been poured in the preliminary phase and part of phase 1.
  • There will be further soil cell installation on the south and north side of Dunlop St., and sidewalk installation, pole base installation, conduit and paver stones installation will be taking place soon.
  • Work is on schedule and the section of Dunlop under construction will reopen on November 8, including the intersection of Dunlop and Mulcaster.

September 20, 2019

  • ​​Work is currently being done from Poyntz St. to Owen St. A full road closure is in place for this section, including the intersection of Mulcaster and Dunlop. It remains open to pedestrian traffic and businesses are open.
  • Work completed in this section includes water main installation, catch basin removal and installation, and fire hydrant relocations. Upcoming work includes soil cell installation and catch basin installation.

September 4, 2019

  • Work is currently being done from Mulcaster to Poyntz. A full road closure is in place for this section, including the intersection of Mulcaster and Dunlop. It remains open to pedestrian traffic and businesses are open.
  • Construction in this area includes water main installation, removal of asphalt and curbs, and sidewalk removal. Catch basin installation, electrical conduit and road grading are also being completed.
  • As of September 9, the closure​ extends west to Owen Street. The intersection at Owen will remain open.​

Free 2-hour Parking in Select Lots

Two-hour free parking is available at the Chase McEachern Way (including 15 Bayfield Street lot) and Maple Avenue Central parking lots until the end of construction (scheduled for November 2020). You must print a receipt from the machine and display it on your vehicle dashboard to be eligible for free two-hour parking. All other downtown parking lots remain open for paid parking. Most downtown lots are five minutes or less walking distance to where the road is closed.

Changes during the COVID-19 pandemic

All businesses on Dunlop Street are accessible during construction, but may be impacted by the Provincial Government’s list of essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic.​ 

Businesses must continue to follow the City’s COVID-19 Emergency Measures By-law​ and ensure all customers maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres from anyone outside of their business while conducting pickups. 

Until further notice, on-street parking spaces along Dunlop St.​ and side streets​ are temporarily designated as loading only zones under the Traffic By-law. This limits parking to standing for 10 minutes or less, which helps businesses and customers use curbside pickup and helps maintain traffic flow in the area. ​
Many downtown Barrie restaurants and cafes are offering delivery service and some stores have online shopping options. Find participating businesses using the interactive map, or check with the store or restaurant  directly to see how they are offerinng service during this time. 
Dunlop St. remains open to pedestrians, but please practise physical distancing. There is one safety ambassador at each end of road closures to help if needed. We encourage residents and visitors to support local stores, restaurants and services.

2020 Timelines, Road Closures, & Traffic Impacts
Schedule revised in April and May, as indicated in red

​TimelineDunlop St. Closures​Dunlop St. ​Traffic Impacts
Stage 1:
March–July 2020

Owen St. intersection

Active construction area: 

No through traffic: Mulcaster - Clapperton. Local traffic was permitted up to intersection closures; these were dead ends.
Stage 2:
Late July/early August to late October​
(originally scheduled for July–Sept. 2020)

Five Points intersection

Toronto St. intersection

Active construction areas:
• Clapperton–Maple
• Mary–Toronto 

No through traffic:
• Owen–Maple
• Mary–Toronto

The Five Points intersection closure, the Toronto St. intersection closure and the associated work on Dunlop in this area will be complete by mid-October.

Mary St. from Dunlop St. to Ross St. is a two-way street until October. There is no on-street parking available on Mary Street when it's a two-way street. Impacted patrons can use nearby municipal parking on Maple Ave.

Local traffic is permitted up to intersection closures; these areas are dead ends.​

Print-friendly map ​(updated August 2020)

Interactive Map: Stages & Traffic Flow

Stage 3:
April to late July/early August
(originally scheduled for Sept.–Nov. 2020)

Mary St. intersection

Maple Ave. intersection

Active construction area:

No through traffic: Maple–Mary.

Dunlop St. from Mary St. to Maple Ave., including the intersection of Maple Ave., was closed starting Monday, April 27. Local traffic was permitted up to intersection closures; these areas were dead ends.
Timelines are weather-dependent. If progress allows, work may begin sooner on each stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this construction project happening?

This project is vital to Barrie’s downtown—replacement of infrastructure (sewers, watermain and utilities) will ensure this area is ready for future growth. The streetscape construction will improve pedestrian experience and accessibility, while providing downtown businesses with more attractive, safe and accessible storefront areas. It will also introduce green infrastructure to reduce road pollutants from storm water run-off while providing fertile environments for the long-term health of street trees. Parking meters will be replaced with centralized ‘pay-and-display’ stations to modernize the street.

Project features include:

  • a pedestrian-friendly, enhanced streetscape, that will ensure accessibility for all users;
  • facilitate a patio program providing operational flexibility and ease of implementation on a seasonal basis;
  • renew existing infrastructure (sanitary and storm sewers, watermain and utilities) as deemed necessary;
  • introduce green infrastructure throughout the corridor to assist in the removal of road pollutants from stormwater run-off while providing fertile environments for the long-term health of street trees;
  • modernize the approach to street parking through the replacement of parking meters with centralized ‘pay-and-display’ stations;
  • Low Impact Design (LID) upgrades to conform to current design standards; 
  • utility upgrades (gas, telephone, cable, electricity, internet).
  • conformance to AODA requirements
  • roadway improvements to accommodate transit service vehicles​
What services are impacted?

Hydro, telephone, cable TV, and gas services should not be affected by the construction, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

There will be limited service interruptions for sanitary sewer lateral servicing/replacement and water servicing. Notice of the timing of the water interruption will be provided.

Curbside collectionis NOT affected. On their normal curbside collection day, businesses and residents are asked to place all garbage, organics, recyclables and yard waste materials at the front of the property as usual. The construction contractor will remove these items and take them to outside of the construction zone for pickup by the City’s waste contractor. Please mark your address on all of your containers.

Have businesses and residents been consulted about this project?

The project first underwent a Class Environmental Assessment and a public meeting was held on June 18, 2014 to present the Dunlop Street Improvement options. A meeting was held on April 19, 2018 as part of the detailed design assignment. In addition, several meetings were held with stakeholders such as the Downtown BIA and Barrie Fire and Emergency Services, as well as several updates to Council on the project progress.

Who is paying for this project?

The roadway improvements are part of the City’s capital plan for asset reconstruction. The streetscape elements/beautification are funded by the City, the BIA and the City’s Municipal Accommodation Tax (Tourism)

What work was completed in 2019?

The first phase of construction took place on Dunlop St. (Poyntz to east of Owen) from August to November 2019​.

What are these ‘soil cells’ that are being installed underground? What do they do?

These will house the roots of the trees that will be planted on the street. The soil cells will allow the tree roots room to grow without pushing up into the sidewalk. The catch basins being installed will collect rainwater and help to water the trees as well.

Who do we contact for construction concerns and how are we going to be keep informed of construction interruptions?

The Contractor, Arnott Construction Limited, has a full-time Project Ambassador to address concerns/issues:

Nicole Maurice
Public Relations Officer, Arnott

Inquiries to Service Barrie, the City’s Customer Service Centre, are also welcomed. In addition, the BIA has assigned “Block Captains” to assist as well and ensure that downtown businesses are updated on construction activities. Refer to this web page or follow our social media channels for project updates.

Can I still visit downtown businesses during construction?

Dunlop Street will remain open to pedestrians during this time and we encourage Barrie residents and visitors to support local stores, restaurants and services. For more information on ​​​how to do this during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the BIA's website​.

Where can I park during construction?

Barrie City Council approved free parking downtown as an economic driver during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is in effect until September 8, 2020. 

After September 8, there are two lots allocated for free two-hour parking during construction:
Chase McEachern Way lot and Maple Avenue Central lot. This two-hour free parking option carries through until the end of the project. People using the free parking option MUST print and display a receipt to be eligible for the free parking.

What about patios?

There will be no option for businesses to open patios in the Owen to Toronto section in 2020. The full road construction work from Owen to Toronto will affect the patio season, including side streets. If construction was shifted outside of the patio season, the contractor would not be able to meet the November 2020 deadline.

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