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road construction Project

Gunn Street Reconstruction

This project includes the complete reconstruction of Gunn Street from Peel Street to St. Vincent Street, including new sanitary sewer, storm sewer, watermain, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and asphalt.

​​Most of the infrastructure along Gunn Street was constructed in the early to mid-1950's and is at or approaching the end of its maximum potential life. It has experienced age-related deterioration or physical failure (watermain breaks, etc.), and is need of replacement.

This area was identified as a candidate for full right of way reconstruction based on aggregated risk associated with surface and subsurface infrastructure. Given the age and deteriorated condition of the infrastructure, other lifecycle strategies are not expected to significantly extend the existing remaining life of current assets or deliver expected service levels.  

Full reconstruction of the right of way will improve service levels to the community, allow the City to monitor the performance of the assets over time, and bundle the application of future lifecycle activities together. This will reduce capital and operating costs in the long term, minimize disruption to the community, and limit environmental damages from construction. Learn about pavement management​

Project Updates

June 2022

The construction between Peel Street and Davidson Street is well underway. The Sanitary Sewer has been installed and connected from Peel Street to Berczy Street. The Contractor has installed 2 Oil/Grit Separators at the corner of Gunn Street and Davidson Street. We anticipate trenchless activities to begin on Gunn Street between Berczy Street and Davidson Street during the week of June 27th. Watermain installation between Peel Street and Berczy Street will begin the week of June 27th. The Contractor is applying dust suppressants to the granular road in an attempt to mitigate the dust. Please remember to mark your waste/recycling bins with your address should the Contractor have to relocate your containers for collection.

Previous Updates

May 2022

The Contractor has begun to mobilize. We anticipate lane closures and traffic restrictions will begin during the week of May 16th and continue through December 2022 before demobilizing for a winter shutdown period. Please remember to mark your waste/recycling bins with your address should the Contractor have to relocate your containers for collection.

March 24, 2022

Construction is anticipated to begin late May or early June. Utility relocations will occur from March to May 2022. The contractor has retained the consulting firm OZA Inspections Ltd. to undertake a pre-condition inspection; a review of structure and building conditions prior to the commencement of work. These inspections are anticipated to begin shortly. These inspections will be undertaken only with impacted residents' permission and there is no cost to the resident.

January 2022

This project has been tendered and will start construction on Gunn St, between Berczy to Davidson in Spring 2022. Utility relocations will be occurring March -April 2022.

Project Features

• Sanitary Sewer• Curb and gutter
• Storm Sewer and services• Road restoration
• Watermain and services • Street lighting upgrades
• Sidewalk (north side only)


Construction Phase 1: Davidson to Peel2022
​Construction Phase 2: Davidson to St. Vincent​2023
Construction Phase 3: Surface Course Asphalt - Peel to St. Vincent2024

Affected Services

Hydro, Telephone, Cable TV, and Gas services should not be affected by the construction, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Water Services

Some temporary interruptions in the water service may occur. Notice of the timing of the water interruption will be provided.

Sanitary Service

Your sanitary sewer service may be interrupted for a short time to switch your service over to the new sewer.  Notice of the timing of the sanitary sewer interruption will be provided.

Curbside Collection

On the normal curbside collection day, place all garbage, organics, recyclables and yard waste materials at the front of your property as usual. The City’s waste pickup contractor is anticipated to have limited access through the construction site. If the City’s waste pickup contractor does not have access, the construction contractor will remove these items and take them to outside of the construction zone, for pickup by the City’s waste pickup contractor.

Your garbage cans, organics bin and recycling boxes will be returned to your property later that day. Please mark your address on all of your containers.

It is very important that you take your refuse and recyclable items to the front of your property by 7:00 a.m., otherwise these items might not be picked up.


The contractor is required to conduct his work in a safe manner, including working in the middle of the roadway with through traffic. We ask that you take extra caution during the construction period to ensure everyone’s safety.

Emergency Services

Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

Access to Properties

All reasonable efforts will be made to maintain vehicle access to driveways. However, there may be some temporary interruptions to access during construction while construction vehicles maneuver. Access will be restored as quickly as possible.

The Contractor will provide prior notice of any imminent access restrictions to the businesses and residents.
Pedestrian access to all homes and businesses will be maintained during construction

Traffic Impacts

The contractor will use traffic control measures to permit through traffic through the construction site. Typically this will include using traffic cones to steer drivers around the contractor’s vehicles, which will frequently be parked in the centre of the roadway where sanitary maintenance structures (manholes) are. Occasionally, flag persons will be required to assist with traffic control.

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