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Road Construction Project

Water Service and Backflow Prevention Upgrades for Parks and Open Spaces

Water services for many Parks and Open Spaces pose a potential risk for contamination of the drinking water system due to the lack of backflow prevention devices and/or the improper installation of devices.

The City’s Backflow Prevention By-law 2010-102 (as amended) requires the City to upgrade the Parks and Open Spaces water service connections to comply with this municipal standard and ensure the protection of the municipal drinking water system from potential contamination. Additionally, over ninety percent (90%) of all Parks and Open Spaces water services are un-metered resulting in a large quantity of water that is un-accounted for. This lack of metering significantly impacts the ability to accurately calculate water loss values and subsequently the leakage index for the water distribution system. The work consists of the excavation and installation of pit setters, water services and associated grading and restoration works at various park locations, as well as decomissioning non active water services at various parks and open spaces.

2021 Locations

Installation of Pit Setters or decommissioning of existing non active water services will occur at the following locations in Barrie:

  • Allandale Heights
  • Bayclub Gore
  • Browning Trail Wooded Area
  • Brownwood Park
  • Cotty’s Gore East/West
  • Cundles Heights School
  • D&J Fralick Park
  • Government Dock
  • Highway 400 Sign
  • Kozlov & Heather
  • Mayfair Park
  • McDonald & Owen Gore
  • Nelson Lookout
  • Nelson Square Park
  • Parker Court
  • Patterson Place Park
  • Puget Gore
  • Roos & Maple Gore
  • Shear Park
  • Spearin Court Gore
  • Veterans Woods Park
  • Wilkins Beach Park

Anticipated Schedule

Work will commence in November of 2021 until unfavourable weather shuts the operations down for the year. Work will recommence in April 2022 and will be completed by September 2022.

Affected Service

Water service interruptions may be necessary in order to properly decommission some of the non active water services. Any disruption to water service will be preceded by a 48 hour hand delivered notice to the affected residence.


The contractor's work will be focused within the travelled roadway or in open park spaces. Although the contractor is required to conduct their work in a safe manner, we ask that motorists take extra caution during the construction period.

Traffic & Access Impacts

Minor traffic impacts should be expected as a result of short-term lane closures for traffic control. Traffic flow will be maintained throughout the work and vehicles will be unimpeded from accessing residences.

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