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Road Construction Projects Road Construction Projects


Road Construction Projects

The City works to keep residents informed of road construction projects each year. Details and updates are linked below and on the 2020 Construction Projects map.

2020 Road Construction Projects
2020 Asphalt Crack Sealing
Annual program to seal cracks in asphalt pavement at various locations in Barrie.
​Oct. 2020Nov. 2020​
2020 Asphalt Resurfacing Program
Asphalt road resurfacing works to repair & improve the ride quality of the various roads.
​April 2020​Fall 2020
2020 Interim Watermain Replacement Program
An annual asset management program.
Sept. 2020​​June 2021
2020 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Program 
The program has been postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
​Spring 2021​Fall 2021
2020 Watermain Relining Program
The program has been postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
​June 2021​Nov. 2021
Anne Street Watermain Improvements
Letitia Street to approximately 80m south
​Summer 2020​Spring 2021
Anne Street: Anne / Donald / Wellington Area
Transmission Watermain Abandonment to allow the replacement of the Anne/400 bridge by MTO in 2021.
​July 2020​Sept. 2020
Bayfield Street: Cundles Road to Livingstone Street
Resurfacing funded by the Province of Ontario
​August 2020​October 2020
Dunlop Street: Kidd's Creek Culvert Replacement
Solution to reduce the potential of flooding from Kidd's Creek at Dunlop Street
​May 2019June ​2022
Dyment Road Watermain Replacement
Watermain replacement & asphalt road restoration.
​April 2020​July 2020
Dunlop Streetscape Project
Improvements focus on safe pedestrian movements and accessibility as well as ensuring area businesses are better serviced through enhanced lighting, visibility & service opportunities.
​Spring 2019​Winter 2020
Federal Gas Tax Resurfacing
Asphalt resurfacing including concrete curb and sidewalk repairs.
​Aug. 2019​Spring 2020
Harvie Rd / Big Bay Point Rd / Highway 400 Crossing
Connecting Harvie Rd to Big Bay Point Rd across Hwy 400.
​May 2018​Summer 2021
Hurst Drive: Minet's Point Road to Bay Lane
Resurfacing including a new Asphalt Multiuse Trail, curb and gutter, storm sewer and the addition of on road bicycle lanes.
​June/July 2020Summer/Fall 2020
Innisfil Street: Brock Street to Tiffin Street
Hotchkiss Creek culvert replacement
​July 2019​Spring/Summer 2020​​​​​
Letitia St. Watermain Improvements
Leacock Drive – Anne Street North
​Summer 2020​Spring 2021
Mapleview Drive East: Madelaine Drive to Yonge Street
Mapleview Drive East Site Preparation
​Nov. 2020​Dec. 2020
Mapleview Drive East: Royal Jubilee Dr to 2010 City Boundary
Sanitary trunk sewer
​Spring 2020​Summer 2020
Mapleview Drive East:  Royal Jubilee Drive to Yonge Street
Transmission watermain
​Oct. 2019​Fall 2020
McDonald Street Municipal Parking Lot Reconstruction
Mulcaster Street – Poyntz Street
​Summer 2020​Fall 2020

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