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Road Construction Projects

2018 Road Construction Projects
The below list is updated each spring
2018 Asphalt Resurfacing Program
Asphalt road resurfacing works to repair & improve the ride quality of the various roads.
$3.15M May 2018 Fall 2018
2018 Interim Watermain Replacement Program
Replacement of galvanized watermain on various streets.
$635K May 2018 Nov. 2018
2018 PRV Chamber Replacement Program
Upgrade pressure reducing valves in water distribution system to new standards.
$550K June 2018 Fall 2018
2018 Sewer Rehabilitation Program
Castle Dr. & Valley Dr.
$320K June 2018 Sept. 2018
2018 Sidewalk Infill Program
Various locations
   June 2018  Sept. 2018
2018 Watermain Cathodic Protection Program
Various locations, approx. 12,000m of watermain
$1M Aug. 2018 Sept. 2018
Anne & Innisfil Railway Crossing Upgrades – BCRY
Installation of grade crossing warning system (flashing lights, bells, gates & cantilever); modifications to traffic signals.
$200K May 2018 July 2018
Asphalt Crack Sealing Maintenance Program
Asphalt road crack sealing works to repair & improve the ride quality of various roads.
$100K May 2018 Oct. 2018
Asphalt, Curb & Sidewalk Maintenance Program
Removal & installation of concrete curb & sidewalk, hot mix asphalt patching & installation of concrete bus pads at various locations.
$100K May 2018 Oct. 2018
Bayfield Street Pavement Rehabilitation
Coulter St. to Cundles Rd.
 $1.86M  May 2018  June 2018
Duckworth Street New Transmission Watermain & ROW Expansion
Bell Farm – St. Vincent. Project details will be posted when available. See June 2018 Staff Report.
   2018  2020
Dunlop / Miller Intersection
Dunlop St W & Tiffin St / Miller Dr intersection
Sept. 2017 Aug. 2018
Essa Road Infrastructure Improvements
Essa Rd, Anne–Gowan & Innisfil St, Essa–Caroline
Sept. 2017 Summer 2018
Glenecho & College Crescent Watermain
Watermain replacement including road reconstruction.
$200K Sept. 2017 Summer 2018
Harvie Road ROW Expansion
Essa to Bryne: Replacement of watermain & sanitary sewer, includes roadway widening.
$10.5M Summer 2018 Winter 2020
Henry St. Reconstruction
Frances to Eccles
$1.5M June 2018 Fall 2018
Johnson Street Improvements
Shanty Bay Rd to Lake Simcoe
Sept. 2017 Summer 2018
Kidd's Creek (Upper)
Restoration of more than 2,000m of Kidd’s Creek.
$175K July 2018 Sept. 2018
Maple Avenue Sidewalk
Installation of concrete sidewalk on Wellington St. & Ferndale Rd. Replacement of existing sidewalk on Maple Ave north of Dunlop St:
April 2018 May 2018
Mapleview Dr. E Improvements
Country Lane to Yonge Street: Widening of Mapleview Dr E to 5 lanes, including road reconstruction, sanitary sewer, watermain, multi-use trail, street lights & traffic lights.
$6.8M June 2018 Summer 2019
Mapleview Drive East Improvements
Huronia Road to Country Lane
   Sept. 2016 Summer 2018
Mapleview Dr West Sanitary Forcemain Twinning & Pumping Station 5 Upgrades & Expansion $8.1M May 2018 Fall 2019
Morrow Road Reconstruction
Ardagh to Patterson
$3.88M May 2018 Dec. 2018
Rodney Street Reconstructon
Collingwood to Kempenfelt
Summer 2018 Spring 2019
Royal Oak / Gables
(Phase Two) Sanitary Servicing:  Royal Oak, Bay, Cottage
$11.94M* July 2016 Summer 2018
Sandringham Drive New 600mm Transmission Watermain
Big Bay Point Rd to Mapleview Dr
St. Vincent Street Watermain Replacement
South of Highway 400 to Bell Farm Rd
$125K June 2018 July 2018
Tiffin Street / Highway 400 Underpass Expansion
Ministry of Transportation Project
Trunk Watermains, Annexation Lands
Ashford Dr & Madelaine Dr; Sandringham Dr, Consort Dr, Sun King Cr, & Royal Jubilee Dr
$645K May 2017 2018
Watermain Replacements
Baldwin Lane Watermain Replacement - Marshall to Bayview
Watermain Replacement (Interim)
Replacement of galvanized steel watermains on Alfred St, Cumberland St, Florence St., Henry St, Jacobs St, John Terrace, Marcus St & Victoria St. Interim measure to improve watermain reliability until street is scheduled to be reconstructed, when watermain will also be upgraded to current standards.
$230K June 2018

Wildflower Court Storm Sewer
June 2018 Information Bulletin

Installation of storm sewer including maintenance holes & catch basins, including restoration.

Jan. 2018 June 2018

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