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Road Design Project

Essa Rd New Transmission Watermain & Road Expansion

This transportation improvement project along Essa Road in southwest Barrie extends from Coughlin Road to north of Mapleview Drive West. 

The Mapleview Drive and Essa Road intersection is not included in this project.

The scope of work includes the design of a multi-use trail, concrete sidewalk and curb, 5 lanes to match Essa Road north of Coughlin Road, and local stormwater management improvements.

Project Updates

April 2022

Hatch is proceeding with the 90% resubmission.

Previous Updates

  • March 2022: The 90% resubmission is under development.    
  • February 2022: The 90% submission was received and reviewed by the City.  Hatch is proceeding with the 90% resubmission.

  • January 2022: 90% Detailed Design package under development

  • December 2021: 90% Detailed Design package under development                  

  • November 2021: 90% Detailed Design package under development

​Project Features

The design concept includes:

  • A combination of traditional and modern stormwater management solutions such as low-impact development structures and a new stormwater management pond.
  • New and improved 2m wide sidewalk and 3m wide multi-use trail to connect existing multi-modal transportation methods north of Coughlin Road and along Mapleview Drive West.
  • Construction of 2 lanes each direction for north and southbound traffic.
  • A continuous centre turn lane for the length of the improvement project.
  • Concrete curb and gutters.
  • Minimizing property impacts through design mitigation and refinements.


2021 Finalization of detailed design & preparation of Tender Ready documents
2028Construction Start

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