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Design Project

Hurst Drive Reconstruction

The City of Barrie Engineering Department is completing the detail design for the reconstruction for Hurst Drive from Cox Mill Road to Golden Meadow Road. Due to poor drainage conditions, the road has severe rutting and multiple transverse depressions, resulting in poor ride quality. A geotechnical and hydrogeological investigation was completed between Cox Mill Road and Golden Meadow Road, and a full-depth reconstruction of the roadway structure was recommended. As part of this contract, the City has also included Asphalt Resurfacing on Hurst Drive from Bay Lane to Cox Mill Road.

Project Features

  • Full-depth reconstruction of roadway structure with improved drainage characteristics, from Cox Mill Road to Golden Meadow Road
  • New curb and gutter with larger diameter sub-drain, from cox Mill Road to Golden Meadow Road
  • Asphalt resurfacing, from Bay Lane to Cox Mill Road (short duration, open to traffic)
  • Driveway restorations
  • New pedestrian ramps and tactile walking plates at intersections
  • Extended concrete bus pads
  • Local road closure, construction staging to minimize impacts
  • Bus routes will be detoured throughout construction


The project is currently in the detail design phase and is approximately 90 percent complete. Construction is scheduled for summer 2019.

Traffic Impacts

During reconstruction, Hurst Drive will be closed to through traffic from Cox Mill Road to Golden Meadow Road, but the roadway will remain open to local traffic. The project will be staged in phases to minimize the disruption to residents. The construction between Cox Mill and Golden Meadow will include full depth reconstruction of the road and curbs.  This work will therefore entail significant construction and be the majority of duration of the project.  The construction between Bay Lane and Cox Mill will only be a partial depth asphalt rehabilitation.  This will only therefore be a few weeks of construction and will occur towards the end of the project.  Delays can be expected as the work progresses.

Properties can anticipate the construction of temporary granular ramps at the front of driveways to allow for access as the road is constructed. Properties can also anticipate a short term driveway closure as the curb and gutter is installed past the driveways. Advance notice of the driveway closure will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this section of Hurst not completed in 2017, along with the section from Golden Meadow to Big Bay Point ?

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