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Road Design Project

Sophia Trunk Storm Sewers

Clapperton, Owen & Sophia

The City completed the Sophia Creek Watershed & Mulcaster Drainage Area, Master Drainage Update in 2017. This project is to design the trunk storm sewer from Berczy Park to Dunlop and all associate infrastructure upgrades necessary for the intensification zone within the downtown core.

Project Updates

June 2022

    • Associated Engineering is proceeding with the 30% design
    • Additional Subsurface Utility Field works are completed
    • Additional Topographic survey field works are underway​
Previous Update

May 2022: The City has awarded the Engineering Design of the Sophia Trunk Storm Sewers – Clapperton, Owen & Sophia to Associated Engineering (Ont.) Limited. The background information has been reviewed and they are proceeding to with the 30% submission.

Impacted Streets

  • Sophia Street from Peel to Clapperton
  • Owen Street from Sophia to Dunlop
  • Clapperton from Sophia to Collier
  • Collier from Clapperton to Bayfield

Expected Work

  • New storm trunk sewer within all specified streets
  • Upgrades to the sanitary sewer along Clapperton and Owen Street
  • Upgrades to the watermain along Clapperton and Owen Street
  • Road improvements including asphalt, sidewalks and streetlights
  • Utility relocations along all specified streets

Project Schedule

Engineering Design  March 2022 to 2025
Site Preparation Construction 2023
Utility Relocation   2023 to 2025
​Streetlighting Construction ​2024
Road Construction   2026 to 2028  

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