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Road Design Projects

Generally speaking, an engineering project cycles follow a master plan or planning process, environmental assessment, detailed design, then construction.

Road Design Projects Underway
Related webpage: Completed Environmental Assessments
Albert Street New Drainage Outlet
Investigating current drainage conditions, develop & evaluate different alternatives.
$300K 2019
Bayview Drive & Big Bay Point Road Transportation Improvements
To accommodate the growth of Barrie to 2031
n/a 2021–22
Bayview Drive New Transmission Watermain Road Expansion
Little Ave. to Big Bay Point Rd.
$11M 2023
Bell Farm Road ROW Expansion
Reconstruction & widening between St. Vincent St. to Duckworth St.
$8M 2020–2021
Big Bay Point Road ROW – Expansion
Reconstruction & widening between Bayview Dr & Huronia Rd.
$12M 2021-2022
Bryne Drive New Road
1* unopened portion between Harvie Rd & north of Caplan Ave; 2** unopened portion between Harvie Rd & south of Essa Rd.
Dunlop Street East Improvements
Mulcaster St. to Toronto St.
Essa Road New Transmission Watermain & Road Expansion
Mapleview Dr. to Athabaska Rd.
$6.7M 2020–2021
Harvie Road / Big Bay Point Road / Crossing of Highway 400
Connecting Harvie Road to Big Bay Point Road across Highway 400.
$45M 2019–20
Huronia Road New Trunk Sanitary Sewer & Road Replacement
Lockhart to McKay
$14M 2020–2021
Hurst Drive Pavement Rehabilitation
Cox Mill to Golden Meadow: Full-depth reclamation to improve the structural strength of the road, new lift of asphalt pavement. Project details will be posted when available.
 $1.3M  2019
Mapleview Drive East Road Expansion & New Trunk Watermain
Installation of a transmission watermain from Yonge to Prince William.
$34M 2022–2023
Mapleview Drive Sanitary Forcemain Twinning & Pumping Station Upgrades
Upgrades to Holly Pumping Station & twinning of the sanitary forcemain on Mapleview.
$17M 2017–19
McKay Road New Interchange - Highway 400
Construction of a new highway interchange & widening of the existing crossing.
$19M 2022–2023
McKay Road New Trunk Sanitary Sewer & Road Expansion
Huronia Road to Highway 400.
$24M 2020–2021
McKay Road ROW Expansion
Country Road 27 to Highway 400
$35M 2020–2022
Neighbourhood Renewal Programs: HNS Allandale
Replacement of ROW assets in Allandale A* & B** neighbourhoods.
Neighbourhood Renewal Program: HNS Queens Park A1
This project contains some of the oldest infrastructure in Barrie.
 $6.4M  2021–2022
Neighbourhood Renewal Program: Wellington D1
Reconstruction of streets in the Wellington D neighbourhood.
 $5.4M  2021–2022
Salem Road New Transmission Watermain & Road Expansion
Construction of a trunk watermain from County Road 27 to Veterans Drive.
$26M 2020–2024
Sewer Rehabilitation Program
Castle Drive and Valley Drive: Pilot program for the rehabilitation of sanitary sewers using trenchless technologies.
$2M 2019–2023
Watermain Cathodic Protection Program
Installation of watermain Cathodic protection on existing ductile iron watermains.
$8M 2019–2025
Yonge Street, Huronia Road & McKay Road East Transportation Improvements
To accommodate the growth of Barrie to 2031
Yonge Street ROW Expansion
Mapleview to Lockhart

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