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Curbs & Sidewalks

Annual Sidewalk Inspections

In Ontario, municipalities are required to inspect sidewalks annually according to the Minimum Maintenance Standard O. Reg 239/02. Inspections are performed during the summer, and usually take a few weeks to complete.

Sidewalk inspectors looked a little different in 2021! The City partnered with Top Hat Robotics to use their sidewalk inspection technology for annual inspections to detect sidewalk deficiencies. The inspections were performed by a human using a robot as a secondary source of data on City sidewalks starting in June 2021.

Curb Damage

Residents can help the City maintain curbs in several ways. Weeds and other plant growth can damage curbs. Residents are encouraged to remove weeds from joints and cracks in the curbs and gutters and help keep the area clean.

Damaged Curb Good Curb



Please report damaged curbs to Service Barrie at (705) 726-4242 or, or report a problem via the City's mobile app, Pingstreet.

Sidewalk Damage

Every day, thousands of people use Barrie’s sidewalks to exercise, travel, or shop. Broken or damaged sidewalks are not only an eyesore and an inconvenience, they're also a safety hazard. The major causes of sidewalk damage are:

  • uplifting by tree roots.
  • vehicles (especially trucks) driving on the sidewalk.
  • deterioration due to age.

Sidewalks can be kept safe by keeping:

  • all vegetation from overgrowing sidewalks.
  • tree limbs from obstructing sidewalks by making sure they are at least eight feet above sidewalks. See Street Tree Pruning Program
Damaged Sidewalk Good Sidewalk



Please report damaged sidewalks to Service Barrie at (705) 726-4242 or, or report a problem via the City's mobile app, Pingstreet.

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