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Community Garden Program

The City of Barrie's Community Garden Program is governed by the Community Garden Policy. There are two locations: Golden Meadow Park and Sunnidale Park.

New Community Garden to Open in 2019

The City of Barrie, in partnership with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit and Urban Pantry, held a Public Information Centre on August 16, 2018, to comment on their preferred location for another community garden in a Barrie park to be opened in 2019. Feedback about the five concepts below was also accepted until end of day August 23, 2018, and will be shared within a staff report to City Council later in 2018.

Bear Creek Park
Blair Park
Eastview Park
Queen’s Park
Shear Park 

Rental & Registration Information

Prior to renting a plot, gardeners are to read the policy and sign a Community Garden Plot Rental Contract.  The City of Barrie administers the registration of the garden plots and any alterations to the garden plan. The gardeners elect a garden coordinator to operate the day to day functions of the garden and liaise with the City. Gardeners are welcome to rent more than one plot after May 1st, subject to availability. 

Single Plot:  $20 + HST ($22.60) - 1.5 x 4.5m (5'x15')
Double Plot: $50 + HST ($56.60) - 4m x 4.5m (13' x 15')

Golden Meadow Park - 139 Hurst Drive

Established in 2012 through financial support from Living Green - Environmental Action Barrie, this is an unfenced location, with parking and water service.  There are 12 single garden plots and 6 double plots available for a total of 18 plots in this location.  Please refer to the Golden Meadow Park - Community Garden Layout for plot numbers. Gardeners are welcome to rent more than one plot after May 1st, subject to availability.

Sunnidale Park - Coulter Street curve

Established in 2010, with a financial contribution and the work of many volunteers from Living Green - Environmental Action Barrie, the Sunnidale Community Garden is located along Coulter Street in Sunnidale Park.  It is a fenced area containing 10 single garden plots and 11 double plots (see Sunnidale Park - Community Garden Layout) within the fenced enclosure.  This layout is subject to change at the gardeners' discretion.  Gardeners are welcome to rent more than one plot after May 1st, subject to availability.

Please note: there is no water tap available on site and gardeners are responsible for their own water supply.  There is also an abundance of groundhogs due to the natural parkland, and gardeners are advised to implement any controls necessary (raised beds, chicken wire etc.) on their plots to prevent loss of produce. 

How to Rent a Garden Plot

Current gardeners must re-register for their same plot annually by October 31st.  New Gardener registrations are accepted starting November 1st annually.
  1. Fill out and sign a Garden Plot Rental Contract. One plot per person, except after May 1. 
  2. Submit in person, with payment of cash or cheque (payable to the "City of Barrie")  to Service Barrie, 1st Floor, City Hall, 70 Collier Street. Hours of Operation from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.
    Submit by mail with payment by cheque payable to the "City of Barrie"  (please do not send cash in the mail) to City of Barrie Community Garden Administrator, Service Barrie, Box 400, Barrie Ontario, L4M 4T5.
  3. Signed contracts will be received on a first-come/first-serve basis. Gardeners may pick their plot immediately if registering in person.  If the contract was submitted by mail, registrants will be notified of their plot number by phone or e-mail. Your contact information will be made available to the Garden Coordinator, who will contact you when the garden is opened up in the spring.  If you indicate on your contract that you are interested in being a Garden Coordinator, you will be contacted by the City of Barrie Community Garden Administrator.
  4. Due to the limited number of plots available, you may be placed on a waiting list, in priority sequence, if the plots are all rented by an early date.  Your payment will be returned to you if your contract was submitted by mail. If a plot becomes available, you will be contacted according to the waiting list priority sequence, and the fee will be due at that time. Please submit your signed contract regardless of plot availability in order to help indicate the level of community interest and the need for more garden plots. 


Source-Wikipedia: 'A community garden is a single piece of land gardened collectively by a group of people. Allotment gardens are characterized by a concentration in one place of a few or up to several hundreds of land parcels that are assigned to individuals or families. In allotment gardens, the parcels are cultivated individually.'

Community gardens provide access to fresh produce and plants as well as access to satisfying labour, neighbourhood improvement, sense of community and connection to the environment. They are publicly functioning in terms of ownership, access, and management, as well as typically owned in trust by local governments or nonprofit organizations. A community garden brings your community closer. Community gardens encourage an urban community's food security, allowing citizens to grow their own food or for others to donate what they have grown. The gardens also combat two forms of alienation that plague modern urban life, by bringing urban gardeners closer in touch with the source of their food, and by breaking down isolation by creating a social community. It has also been found that active communities experience less crime and vandalism.'  Source: Wikipedia

Evolution of the Sunnidale Community Garden -  Photos  

November 2009: The location for the new community garden. Volunteers from Living Green (Environmental Action Barrie) prepare the garden March 2010: Young gardeners help lay sheet composting.
March 2010: The volunteers and gardeners are back to install the last 15 plots. May & Aug 2010:  The gardeners plant and weed and water and try to discourage the groundhogs. September 2010 Rich harvest.

(November 2009 - September 2010)


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