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Construction Project

Water Service & Backflow Prevention Upgrades

Backflow Prevention By-law 2010-102 (as amended) requires the City to upgrade these parks' and parks facilities' water service connections to comply with this municipal standard and ensure the protection of the municipal drinking water system from potential cross connections.

Project Features

In 2018, the following parks and open spaces will be outfitted with backflow prevention chambers, backflow prevention valves and water meters:

  • Catherine Park
  • Coronation Park
  • Hanmer Park
  • Harvie Park
  • Livingstone Park
  • Redpath Park
  • Sheppard Park
  • Spearin Court Gore


Estimated Start May 2018
Estimated Completion September 2018

Affected Services

Sanitary service, Hydro, Telephone, Cable TV, and Gas services should not be affected by the construction, barring any unforeseen circumstances.  Water service on Spearin Court may be interrupted while installing the new service into the Spearin Court Gore.  Notices of that interruption will be issued to the homes affected at least one (1) day in advance of that interruption.


The contractor is required to conduct his work in a safe manner, including fencing of deep excavations, etc.  We ask that you take extra caution during the construction period to ensure everyone’s safety.

Traffic Impacts

The contractor will use traffic control measures to permit through traffic through the construction sites.  Typically this will include using traffic cones to steer drivers around the contractor’s vehicles, which will frequently be parked on the sides of the roadways where parks are accessed.  Occasionally, flag persons may be required to assist with traffic control.

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