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Barrie Trails

Barrie residents enjoy access to over 88km of public trails, naturally beautiful throughout the seasons. The planning, design and construction of City trail systems is overseen by the City's Engineering Department.

Be aware of wildlife

You should not approach, feed or try to interact with wildlife you may encounter in the City’s parks or trails. See safety tips about preventing and managing conflicts with coyotes, wolves and foxes. See a sick or injured wild animal? Please call Animal Control for the City's Enforcement Services at 705-739-4241.

Watch for Poison Ivy

Poison ivy is a naturally occurring plant in Barrie’s parks and along trails. The plant produces an oil that can remain active for several years; even handling dead leaves can cause a reaction. Oil transferred from the plant to other objects (such as pet fur) can also cause a rash if it comes into contact with skin. Contact with the plant can be avoided by staying on established trails and watching for it. If you find poison ivy encroaching a trail or other frequently used location, please report it to Service Barrie at 705-726-4242 or

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