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Arenas & Rinks

The City operates and manages eight arena ice pads and seven outdoor ice rinks. In addition, volunteer-maintained outdoor rinks are located in parks around Barrie.

Arena Ice Pads​​​​​​​​

Arenas are not open ​at this time.

Outdoor Ice Rinks

Weather-permitting, there are seven outdoor skating rinks maintained by City staff and as well as volunteer-maintained outdoor rinks in many parks.

  • Circle at the Centre, City Hall (70 Collier St) ​      
    Current Status: CLOSED for the season
    Hours: ​10am–10pm
    Ice rink for pleasure skating only; hockey is not permitted. Site offers parking
  • Centennial Park Community Ice Rink (95 Lakeshore Drive)
    Current Status: CLOSED for the season
    Hours: 10am–10pm​
    Site offers parking and washrooms, located in the Centennial Park building​.
  • Heritage Park Pond (5 Simcoe Street)
    Current Status: CLOS​ED 
    Ice rink for pleasure skating only; hockey is not permitted. Hours are dependent upon weather conditions and are subject to change. Site offers parking.          
  • Eastview Park, 455 Grove Street East      
    Current Status: CLOSED for the season
  • Holly Community Park, 207 Emms Drive
    Current Status: CLOSED for the season
  • Lampman Lane Park, 59 Lampman Lane       
    Current Status: CLOSED for the season
  • Redpat​h Park, 70 Carleton Road
    Current Status: CLOSED for the season
  • Shear Park, 21 Holgate Street
    Current Status: CLOSED for the season

Outdoor Ice Rinks Maintenance

Circle at the Centre & Centennial rin​ks are cleared by staff every morning to open at 10am, including weekends. Shovels are kept on-site at Centennial for users to keep the surface clear of snow during the day because the City does not have permanent staff at this location. Redpath, Lampman, Holly, Eastview, and Shear rinks are maintained Monday–Friday between 7:30am and 4pm (this includes plowing and flooding).

Volunteer-Maintained Outdoor Rinks

Through the Neighbourhood Outdoor Ice Rink Program, outdoor ice rinks may be located in parks for which volunteers have signed maintenance agreements for the season. Agreements m​ust be signed annually. Volunteers commit to maintaining the ice surface by scraping and flooding, and must allow all members of the community free and unlimited access to the rink.

2020/21 Season Volunteer Rinks

Maintenance agreements for the 2020/21 season have been received for the parks listed below. Everyone has free and unlimited access. These rinks are not guaranteed to be operational; the condition and status of each rink varies as per weather, terrain, and volunteer involvement.​

All volunteer rinks will close by March 12, 2021 for the season. Thank you to all who volunteered!

  • ​Bayshore Park, 296 Pine Dr.​
  • Cartwright Park, 45 Cartwright Dr.​
  • Coronation Park, 38 Coronation Parkway​
  • Dock Rd. Park, 204 Dock Rd.
  • Dunsmore​, 165 Dunsmore Lane​
  • Elizabeth Park, 60 Elizabeth St.
  • Ferndale Park, 146 Ferndale Dr. South
  • Greenfield Park, 11 Greenfield Ave.​
  • Kozlov, ​283, 295 & 315 Kozlov St.
  • Kuzmich Park, 2 Golden Meadow Rd.​
  • Batteaux Park, 443 Mapleton Ave.
  • Bear Creek Park, 25 Bear Creek Dr.
  • Cloughley Park, 33 Cloughley Dr
  • Lougheed Park, 90 Lougheed Rd.​
  • Loyalist Park, 40 Loyalist Court
  • Queens Park, 55 Ross St.​
  • Radenhurst Park, 39 Radenhurst Dr.
  • Riverwood Park, 13 Noam Dr.
  • Sandringham, 69, 101 Sandringham Dr.
  • Shalom Park, Shalom Way
  • Sheppards Park, 366 Tollendale Mill Rd.​
  • Stollar Park, 245 Livingstone St. East
  • Strabane, 70 Strabane Ave.​
  • Sunnidale Park, 227 Sunnidale Rd
  • Tollendale Woods Park, 40 Royal Oak Dr.
  • Victoria Woods Park, 114 Lillian Cres.

Volunteer Outdoor Ice Rink Responsibilities

Volunteer Coordinator Responsibilities

The Volunteer Coordinator for each Volunteer Outdoor Ice Rink location must:

  • Complete and sign an annual agreement form for the park to be maintained based on the following criteria:

    • Park locations will be reviewed and approved based on existing availability of water service and electrical service for general use lighting;
    • Acknowledge that submitting an application identifies their role as a City of Barrie volunteer(s) coordinator for the particular park location.
    • Ensure that all principal ice rink volunteers and assisting citizen volunteers attend a training session(s) with City staff at the start of each winter season;
    • Provide a list of at least three (3) other citizen volunteer names and telephone numbers of the volunteers who will be assisting with the ongoing maintenance of the ice rink; and,
    • Abide by procedures developed by the City for the Volunteer Ice Rink Program;
  • Allow all members of the community free and unlimited access to the rink.
  • Supply their own shovels/scrapers for use in maintenance of the ice rink.
  • Maintain the ice surface by scraping and flooding.
  • Report maintenance concerns and safety hazards to Service Barrie Department as soon as possible.
  • Immediately call 911 to report any serious accidents or medical emergencies. Report these incidents to Service Barrie Department as soon as possible.
  • Return all equipment that was loaned for use in the creation of the ice rink to the Roads, Parks and Fleet Department at the end of the season, in the same condition as received while taking into account normal wear and tear. Equipment may include hose(s) and nozzle(s).
  • Maintain the ice rink base at the size established by the City (typical rink size is at 15 metres x 30 metres).
City of Barrie Staff Responsibilities

Staff in the Roads, Parks and Fleet Department are responsible for the following:

  • Build the ice base for the rink at the start of each season.
  • Provide ice rink equipment, such as water hoses, nozzle and tap connections, on loan to the Volunteer Coordinator for use throughout the winter season.
  • Clear snow from the ice on weekdays (Monday – Friday, except Statutory Holidays), as soon as possible after a snow fall event after other higher priority work has been completed.
  • Provide instruction (and a demonstration, if requested) on ice maintenance techniques to the Volunteer Coordinator and other volunteers.
  • Provide a garbage barrel and/or litter control, where possible.
  • Inspect each location twice weekly.
  • During each inspection staff are to complete a Winter Control Log sheet for the maintenance of each ice rink location throughout the season.
  • Post a sign indicating that the rink is not maintained by the municipality and is used at one’s own risk.
Volunteer Outdoor Ice Rink New Infrastructure Criteria

The following criteria shall be used to evaluate and prioritize requests for new infrastructure required to allow a volunteer ice rink in an existing park for consideration through the annual Business Plan process:

  1. The application must be received before the cut-off date of July 1.
  2. Feasibility: The proposed ice rink can be accommodated within the park, provided that:

    a. The ice rink will not impact other park amenities or adjacent uses, and would be located with a minimum 20 meters offset from the park property line.

    b. There is an appropriate surface for installation of an ice rink (flat area of concrete/asphalt or grass).

    c. Ice rink would be a standard size of 15 metres x 30 metres (50 feet x 100 feet) or as otherwise approved by City staff.

    d. There is no existing municipal water service at a nearby park that could be used for a volunteer outdoor ice rink,

    e. The lighting request is limited to the supply of a single LED light pole and fixture (typical 15 foot walkway light standard) to provide general illumination of the rink. .
  3. Coverage: Park proximity to other volunteer ice rinks is a minimum of 800 meters. The closer the park is to other existing volunteer ice rinks the lower the park ranking.
  4. Capital Cost: The projected costs to establish the new ice rink. This could include costs to supply water or hydro servicing for lights. The higher the cost the lower the park ranking.

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