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The City of Barrie provides safe, age appropriate, dance classes with experienced, qualified staff, for preschoolers to adults. Make us part of your dance experience today!

COVID-19 Impacts on Recreation & Culture Services
The information on this webpage may not be accurate at this time. Please visit for up-to-date information re impacted Recreation & Culture services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Preschool to teen classes are designed at an introductory level and are geared toward to fostering creativity and love of dance! Our adult dance programs provide instruction for novice to experienced movers in a variety of unique styles.

Frequently Asked Questions
What should I/ my child wear for dance class? 

The majority of our dance classes for preschoolers to teens simply require form fitting clothes you can move in (ex. shorts, leggings, tights) with ballet or gymnastic slippers. In the case of some jazz, hip hop or classes that offer a sampling of styles participants may wear jazz shoes, dance style athletic shoes or cross-trainers with non-marking soles. For tap classes participants can wear tap shoes or hard soled shoes such as dress shoes. Please refer to your receipt for specifics.

Ballroom/Latin/Modern Line Dancing/Swing: Please wear clean, indoor shoes appropriate for dancing and non-restrictive, comfortable clothing.

Bellydance/Body Groove/Contemporary: Comfortable/non-restrictive clothing that will allow full movement of the body with ease. Barefeet or dance slippers may be worn.

Hip Hop for Adults: Jazz shoes, dance style athletic shoes or cross-trainers are recommended (non-marking soles please). Comfortable clothing that allows for full movement is necessary.

Where can I find dancewear and shoes? 

Children’s dancewear can be found at a variety of stores from specialty dance stores to large retail locations like Payless Shoes, Walmart and Once upon a child.

Adults may find general active wear appropriate for class but should look to dance specialty stores for footwear.

For a map of local dance specialty stores click here.

My child does not meet the age criteria for a class, can we have permission to take it anyway? 

Although age is not always indicative of a child’s ability level, our courses are designed to be age appropriate. This includes consideration of cognitive and physical development landmarks, socialization, and even music selections. Age overrides are considered on a case by case basis and can be directed to Recreation Information (, 705-739-4287).

In cases where age overrides are granted, the instructor will ultimately assess whether the course is a good fit for the student and may discuss other course options or withdrawal from course with the parent/guardian.

Is it O.K. to take the same Dance course more than once? 

Definitely. Although the course content will remain virtually the same, the course itself may differ in the music selection, choreography, instructor and overall dynamics of the class. Many people take the same course for numerous sessions.

Can we remain in the room with our child?  

Dance classes are independent activities – parents/guardians, siblings and friends are required to be outside of the program space except for the following classes:

Big Toes Little Toes is designed for the parent/guardian and child to participate together.

Dance-The First Step is geared toward transitioning to independent learning and as such the parent/guardian may be required to remain in the program space for the first few lessons.

All parents/guardians should remain near to the program space in the event their child needs the washroom.

When can we watch our child’s class? 

Family and friends are invited to observe the fifth class and final class. The final class is our recital so don’t forget your camera’s!

Some program spaces have a window or door where you can sneak a peek. We ask that this be done only on occasion as not to distract the participants.

I want to take ballroom/latin but don’t have a partner can I still sign up?  

The majority of our ballroom/latin recommend registration with a partner, but individual participants are welcome.

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