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Basketball Leagues

The City of Barrie offers a Men’s Basketball Leagues at the East Bayfield Community Centre. Certified referees will be officiating every game.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Game Rules: All rules will be subject to the agreed upon rules of the OBA and FIBA.
  • Time: Games will consist of two 23-minute halves with running time. The last 5 minutes of the second half will be stopped time provided that the point spread is 20 points and under.
  • Uniform:  Players must wear a numbered shirt/jersey to every game.  Reversible jerseys are available for purchase from the Client Services desk (these are not included in the team registration fee). 
  • Time-Outs: Each team is provided with one time-out per half. This time-out does not carry over if not used in the first half.
  • Overtime: Overtime will consist of an additional 3 minutes stop time. Each team will be given one time-out each.

Unsportsmanlike Behaviour (INDIVIDUAL)

  •  One technical foul will serve as a warning for the player.
  • Two technical fouls (or an ejection) within one game will result in removal from the court and a one game suspension from their next scheduled game.
  • If a player accumulates three technical fouls over the course of more than one game they will be suspended from their next scheduled game. (Note that the player is not automatically ejected from the game in which the 3rd T is given).
  • Once the player has served a suspension the slate is clean and the accumulation begins anew.
  • Second Offense: If a player is suspended a second time they will miss the next 2 scheduled games. .
  • Third Offense: A third suspension will result in removal from the league.
  • If a player receives too many technical fouls he may be "flagged" in the registration system and unable to register for a set period of time.
  • Any threats or intention to injure, results in a minimum of a 1 game suspension.  The severity of the infraction will be determined by a quorum of individuals and may result in a longer suspension if it is determined so. 

Unsportsmanlike Behaviour (TEAM) 

  • If a team receives 4 technical fouls they will forfeit the game.

**Any other incidents will be dealt with at the discretion of the referees and the league coordinator.

Tie Break Procedure for Final Standings

  • 2 way tie = Head – to – Head Results
  • 3 way tie = Points allowed (the team with the least amount of points allowed defensively in the games involving the 3 tied teams)

Further Information

  • Each team will designate one player, to be the captain, and they will be the only person permitted to discuss and ask questions of the referees.
  • All players or teams must be paid and registered before they can play in a game.   If you have someone playing on your team that is not registered, all games that are won while that individual(s) is playing will be considered a loss.
  • If any team wishes to add a player this must be done prior to the third week of the league.
  • All players must check in at the Information Desk before entering the gymnasium.
  • Players must be on the provided game sheet each night (first and last name).
  • A team must have a minimum of four players to start a game. If one of these players becomes injured or fouls out then the game will be forfeited.
  • All participants must wear a numbered jersey for every game.

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