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Competitive Volleyball Leagues

Participants in this league should have previous competitive experience (ie. High school, club, college and/or university). Certified referees will officiate every game.  New and returning players/teams should register for the league that best fits the skill and competitive level of their team


Team Requirements

  • There must be a minimum of 3 females on the court at all times.
  • A team is allowed to play with 5 people on the court, but there still must be 3 females. Anything less than 5 results in a forfeit.
  • If a team starts the game with 3 females, and one of them gets.
  •  injured during the game, the team can continue to play with 2 females, but they must play short handed.
  • ALL players must be registered before they are able to play in the league.   If you have someone playing on your team that is not registered, all games that are won while that individual(s) is playing will be considered a loss.
  • If any team wishes to make additions/changes to their team, they must be done prior to the third week of the league.


If a team does not meet the minimum team requirements at 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, they forfeit the first set. If they do not meet the minimum team requirements at 25 minutes past the scheduled start time, they forfeit the entire game (all 6 points).

Game Rules

  • Each game consists of 3 sets. Two sets will go to 25 and the third set is to 15. You must win by 2 to a max of 27 (first 2 sets) and 17 (for the third set)
  • For each set won, the team will receive 2 points. These points will accumulate throughout the season to determine the seeding for playoffs
  • You are permitted one step in on both sides of the court when serving.
  • Each player can only serve a maximum of 5 serves consecutively
  • The net is set at women’s height
  • Men must attack from behind the attack line
  • Tipping for men must be done with a closed hand in an upward motion
  • Men ARE allowed to block. However, they cannot break their wrists for the block
  • It is NOT a FAULT to contact the net unless it interferes with play.
  • Subs can rotate in when your team regains possession
  • Each team is responsible for keeping score (one team will do the score sheet and the other, the flip cards)
  • All rules will be subject to the agreed upon rules of the OVA

Other Rules & Guidelines

Time Outs

Each team is provided with 2-30 second time-outs per set. These time-outs do NOT carry over if not used in the previous sets.

Tie Break Procedure for Final Standings

  • Head-to-head (the 2 teams records against one another)
  • Points allowed (in 3 way ties, the team with the least amount of points allowed in games involving the tied teams)


  • Playoffs will be the best 2 out of 3 sets
  • Every team makes playoffs

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