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The City offers an online tool for customers to review their Water and Wastewater Billing account.

This tool provides customers with account information including payment history, billing consumption history, summary of services provided, account status, last payment received, and bill(s) viewing. 

New Users will be required to create their new user profile. Users can then Login using their email address and password for all future visits. Click the NEW USER link to proceed on your first visit.

Once logged in to your profile, you can then proceed to add and link your water wastewater billing account to your profile to view your account information.

Frequently asked questions:

What is “new” or different about this application from the previous one?

This application is an enhanced version of the previous one, and therefore provides much of the same information. What has changed is that the site will work on all Internet Platforms; security was enhanced by requiring stronger passwords (passwords must contain at least one upper and lower case letter, at least one number and a minimum of 6 characters) and adding the requirement for Security Questions to be set up so that the customer has the ability to reset their password themselves through the Reset Password option.

What Internet platform will this application work on, as the previous one only worked on Internet Explorer and Safari?
The new “View Your Billing Account” application will work on all Internet platforms.

I completed the setup of my profile, I clicked the link in the email, and I have logged in. Why can’t I see any Water Billing information?
After logging in for the first time you need to click on to the Add Account button on the left hand side. In order to add an account you will need to enter the Water Account # and the Total Amount Due from your most recent water bill. This information will be verified in the system and if entered correctly, the account information will then be available to view through the added buttons on the left hand menu.
My water account is new and I have not received my first water bill yet. Can I still create an account?

Since the first step is to create a user profile, you may proceed with clicking NEW USER and following the steps to complete your user profile. You will then be able to Login to the system, however you will have to wait for your first bill to be issued before you can Add Account to view your billing information.

Access your Water and Wastewater Billing Information

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