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Bay Lane & Royal Oak Drive
Area Servicing


Initially, this project was intended to extend sanitary servicing from Brennan Avenue to Bay Lane, Gables Park, Royal Oak Drive, Forestwood Lane, Lovers Court and Tollendal Mill Road.  In March 2013, Council agreed to expand the scope of the project as described in Staff Report ENG003-13.  In general, the scope is expanded to include:

  1. extend water servicing to Bay Lane and Gables Park, and add a second watermain connection to the Royal Oak Drive area;
  2. urbanize Royal Oak Drive, Forestwood Lane, and Lovers Court; and,
  3. extend a sidewalk on Tollendal Mill Road from Royal Oak Drive westerly to Hurst Drive.

The project schedule for the next few years, subject to Council approval, is:

  • 2012 –  Complete Sanitary Servicing Detail Design
  • 2013 –  Complete Urbanization and Water Servicing Detail Design
  • 2015 –  Acquire Property/Easement and arrange for Utility Relocations
  • 2016-2018 –  Tender and construct the project
  • 2018 –  Invoice Residents/Property Owners for sanitary servicing and water servicing costs, but not the urbanization costs

Additional Documents & Resources

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