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Holly Pump Station & Forcemain

This work will implement the preferred servicing solution as recommended by City’s Wastewater Master Servicing Plan to provide sanitary servicing for planned growth within the northern Salem Area lands. The total project costs are currently estimated at $17 million.

The project will involve upgrades and expansion to the pump station located at 65 Logan Court and a new sanitary sewage forcemain along County Road 27, and along Mapleview Drive to Essa Road. A 300mm watermain will also be constructed on County Road 27 as part of this project.

Project Updates

April 13, 2017

Excerpt from Memo to City Council (April 13th 2017)

The purpose of this memo is to communicate the details of the upcoming Open House in relation to the following water and wastewater projects.

  • Holly Pump Station (65 Logan Court) upgrade and expansion to convey 201 litres/second.
  • 300 mm watermain along County Road 27. 
  • 400 mm sewage forcemain along County Road 27 and along Mapleview Drive.

The project is in the design phase and 60% of the design work has been completed.

An Open House will be held on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. at Liberty North, Sumatra Grand Room, 100 Caplan Avenue, Unit 1, Barrie, to present the infrastructure improvements associated with this project.  The purpose of this Open House is to advise the nearby residents and interested parties of the proposed infrastructure improvements, and solicit feedback from the residents. 

If there are any questions, please contact Bala Araniyasundaran, Program Coordinator - Growth Development Projects at extension 4471 or email

Project Features

Holly Pump Station

  • Upgrades to the building;
  • Construction of a new 12 m deep storage chamber.
  • Installation of new pumps and associated equipment.
  • Installation of a new standby generator.


Construction of a 300 mm diameter watermain along County Road 27 south of Mapleview Drive.

Sewage Forcemain 

Construction of a 400 mm diameter forcemain to twin the existing wastewater forcemain along County Road 27, and along Mapleview Drive to Essa Road.


2016–2017   Design
2017–2019   Construction, testing & Commissioning

Affected Services

Your water, sanitary sewer, hydro, telephone, cable TV, and gas services should not be affected by the construction, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Barrie Transit: If the proposed construction affects any existing bus routes, public will be notified before construction begins.  Should you have any questions regarding public transit, please call Barrie Transit Customer Services at 705-739-4209.

Traffic Impacts

Temporary Road Closures / Lane Reductions: During construction, there will be temporary lane reductions to allow for the installation of the trunk watermain and the forcemain. To reduce traffic impacts, the extent of all active work areas (and any staging areas) will be minimized as much as possible.

Driveway Access: Vehicle access to properties within the construction limits will be provided during construction periods. Pedestrian access will be maintained during construction.


The purpose of this project is to implement the preferred servicing solution as recommended by the City’s Infrastructure Master Plans as the most efficient means to provide water and sanitary sewage servicing for planned growth within the northern Salem Secondary Plan lands and improve system reliability and resiliency. The City initiated the design phase in September 2016. 

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