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Project EN1474

​Kidd’s Creek Marina Sediment Removal

The project is for the removal of the sediment within the Marina at the Kidd’s Creek outlet. The sediment is blocking fish passage within the channel and is preventing eight boat slips from being used.    

The Kidd's Creek outlet is located in the north marina, just south of the Spirit Catcher. The closest streets are Simcoe Street and Toronto Street.

There is excessive sediment within the outlet channel and Marina at Kidd’s Creek preventing fish passage and boat access to eight Marina slips. The City needs to remove the sediment with measures in place to meet environmental regulations. The City needs to obtain multiple agency approval before this work can be completed.

​Project Update

April 2022

30% Detailed Design package under development.

Previous Updates

March 2022: 30% Detailed Design package under development.

February 2022: 30% Detailed Design package under development. 

December 2021: 30% Detailed Design package under development

November 2021: Aquafor Beech are working towards the 30% preliminary design submission.

October 2021: The City has awarded the Detailed Design for this project to Aquafor Beech Limited, they will complete all the necessary studies required to obtain all associated permits to complete the work. Prepare the detailed design drawings and contract documents.


October 2021 to Feb 2023Detailed Design
May 2023 to October 2023 Construction

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