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Kidd’s Creek Pond Improvements

As part of the City’s ongoing efforts to provide exceptional service, City staff are proceeding with the retrofit and upgrade of the Sunnidale Stormwater Management Facility (Pond ID KD03).

The Sunnidale Stormwater Management Facility is located north of Irwin Drive, east of Livingstone Road West and south of Sunnidale Road and is bounded to the west by the Barrie Union Cemetery.

March 2022 Update

Construction will resume the week of April 4, 2022. The contractor will continue with above ground installations and grading activities. All major underground work was completed in 2021. The project is anticipated to be completed by June 2022.

What to Expect:

  • Installation of a pond access driveway off Sunnidale Road
  • Installation of an armourstone headwall at the pond inlet
  • Regrading the pond banks back to the ponds original shape utilizing clay and topsoil
  • Grading
  • Seeding and installing trees and shrubs

The Project Team would like to thank all the residents for their support and cooperation throughout the project.

Previous Updates

January 2022 Update                   

Construction is pausing until more favourable weather returns in the spring. The installation of the underground drainage systems have been completed. The site is being left secured with temporary fencing over the shut down period and is being monitored regularly. Project completion is anticipated for summer of 2022.

November 19 Update

Construction has begun. The installation of underground drainage systems are underway and will continue through the fall of 2021. Construction will continue again in the spring of 2022. ​​​


These improvements began in summer 2021 with an estimated completion in summer 2022.

What is Planned

The specific improvements include the construction of subsurface stormwater infiltration and storage facility beneath the existing dry pond facility. Following construction, the site will be restored to existing conditions through landscape planting, seeding and sodding activities. This pond will become naturalized and the City will no longer maintain weekly grass cutting. Photos of a similar example facility, during and after the project, are shown below.


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