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Construction Project, EN1186

Sophia Creek Culvert Replacement

Grove Street East

Replacement of the existing culverts that convey Sophia Creek under Grove Street East. The crossing is located at Grove Street East, between Bothwell Crescent and Davidson Street.

Project Features

The purpose of this project is to replace the existing three corrugated steel pipe culverts that are curently in poor condition.  The culverts will be replaced with new corrugated steel pipe culverts of the same approximate size and the road will be restored to match existing conditions.  We will be completing some grading and creek work to create a low for channel for the creek.


December 2020Design completed
March 2021
Tree removals
​August 2021
​Construction start
​October 2021​Construction complete

​Traffic Impacts, Construction Staging and Driveway Access

The project will be staged to minimize the disruption to residents however, a road closure that prohibits through traffic (vehicle and pedestrian) will be required during construction (Grove Street East, Bothwell to Davidson). Construction will try to be aligned with the summer months to minimize impact on school.

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