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Sophia Creek Stormwater Management Pond Upgrades

As part of the City’s ongoing efforts to revitalize creeks and provide improved water quality within our watersheds, staff are proceeding with the retrofit/ upgrade the Currie Storm water management (SWM) Facility (Pond ID SP03).

The pond is located in the Sophia Creek Watershed near the intersection of St. Vincent Street and Highway 400. The improvements noted below are being done to upgrade the stormwater management facility per the Sophia Creek Watershed & Mulcaster Drainage Area Class EA Update (2017), to improve system and environmental performance. 


These improvements are scheduled to begin late summer or early fall of 2021, with an estimated completion date on or about December 2021. Some restoration work will likely also occur in the spring of 2022.

Project Features

Summary of overall objective of the project include:

  • enlargement of the existing SWM facility and the conversion from a dry pond to a wet pond to provide additional flood control and improved water quality;
  • to restore and rehabilitate an existing watercourse adjacent to the new wet pond facility; 
  • naturalization of the site through landscape planting and seeding.

Example of completed conversion of dry pond to wet pond:

Affected Services

All construction activities will occur within the site however the primary access to the site will be from Rose and Currie Streets, residents can expect to see several trucks staging and hauling material from the site during construction.  Services to your house including cable tv, telephone, hydro, etc. will not be impacted.  Residents are asked to keep clear of the site for the duration of construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do stormwater ponds promote mosquito breeding?   

When designed properly, stormwater structures should not promote mosquito breeding. Ensuring that these structures are properly designed and maintained is the  key to limiting mosquito production.

Please note that commonly overlooked mosquito breeding areas are residential backyards. Homeowners should check their property to eliminate mosquito breeding. Water can collect in various areas and may provide the perfect habitat for mosquitoes.

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