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​About APLI​

APLI is the City's online application tool to create, pay, and check the status of Barrie's most popular permits, licences and inspection requests online 24/7 from the comfort of your home or office.​

APLI provides enhanced online features that allow you to submit your application efficiently, saving you time to enjoy the things that are important to you. This page includes resources to help applicants navigate the portal based on applicant feedback. Staff review feedback from an APLI experience survey regularly (open to those who submitted applications via the portal) to identify actions and help make the best user experience possible.

Support Videos for Applicants

The videos linked below outline how to perform frequent tasks within APLI.

Registering an account

Requesting an inspection​

Making payments

Checking application status

Searching an address​

Managing Contacts​

Adding Delegates​

Managing Documents

​​Viewing Invoices​


FAQs from Applicants

Will my information be shared with the public?

Limited information in your application will be available to the public. No ownership or other personal information will be available to the public, and only information classified under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act or any other applicable provincial legislation will be accessible to the public.

Can I submit documents through APLI?
Yes, you can easily upload documents when making your application. There is no requirement to upload a paper version of your application, however you are required to upload supporting documentation.

To upload additional documentation after you have submitted your application:

  • Log in to APLI
  • Click My Records (top left tab)
  • Click the blue link containing your permit record number
  • View Record Info (top left tab)
  • View Attachments
  • Click Add and upload your documents

View the Uploading Additional Documents support video 

View the Managing Documents support video​

For building permits, please refer to our Electronic Document Submission Standards for upload requirements.

I started an application but I don’t have everything I need to apply, will I have to start over?

APLI's save and resume feature allows you to complete your application at your convenience. If you do not have everything you need to apply, you can save your application and return to it later. This feature keeps your application active for up to 60 days. 

How do I check the status of my online application?
Changes to your application status or requests for further information will be emailed to the applicant. You can also check the status of your online application anytime by following these steps:

  • Log in to APLI
  • My Records (top left tab)
  • Click the blue link containing your permit record number
  • Record Info (top left tab)
  • Processing status

View the Checking Application Status support video

I made a mistake on my online application, what should I do?

If your application has not been submitted, you can make changes at any time. You cannot delete uploaded documents, nor can you delete an entire application. If you need to report a mistake on your application, please email service.barrie@barrie.caor call 705-726-4242 (Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm) with your record number and identify the error(s).

How do I know my application has been successfully submitted?   

Once you have submitted your application, you will reach the confirmation screen which will contain your record number. In addition, you can view all submitted applications under the 'My Records' tab in your APLI account.

How do I cancel my online application?

Please send an email requesting the cancellation of your application to service.barrie@barrie.caor call 705-726-4242 (Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm) .

How do I make a payment for my application?

Make a Payment in the Application Stage

If a payment is required at the time of application, you will be directed to do so. Please note that you can only make payments for one application at a time.

Make a Payment for a Submitted Application 

  • Log in to APLI
  • Click My Records (top left tab)
  • Click the blue link containing your record number
  • Select Payments (top middle tab)
  • Select Pay fees due

 Additional Information

  • If your payment was successful, there will be a confirmation in your application record on the APLIportal. If you are experiencing difficulties processing your payment, please call Service Barrie at 705-726-4242 (Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.) or
  • Payments under $5,000 are accepted online.
  • Payments $5,000 and above and above and can be made through Service Barrie (cash, cheque, or debit).
  • If paying by cheque, make your cheque payable to the City of Barrie and ensure that the record number and project address are noted on your cheque.  

View the Making Payments support video

View the Managing Invoices support video

How do I add additional contacts to my online application?

You can add secondary contacts to your application while you are applying online.  If you have already submitted your application, you can add additional contacts to your APLI account and then contact Service Barrie to have the contact(s) added to your application. Please email or call 705-726-4242 (Mon.-Fri.,8 a.m.-5 p.m.) and provide the following information:

  • APLI file number
  • Project address​
  • Contact: name, company name if applicable, address, phone number, email, and identify the role or type of contact (i.e. Contractor, Tenant, etc).                     
How do I manage delegates on my APLI account?

You can assign and manage delegates to your APLI account through ‘Account Management’ on the APLI portal. Delegates can access records and perform different functions based on the permissions you set (i.e. creating applications on your behalf, managing documents, requesting inspections ​and paying fees). The delegate you assign requires an APLI account and must accept your request through the APLI portal. For more information on how to add, edit permissions, or remove a delegate from your APLI account, please view the Adding Delegates video.

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