Allandale Transit Mobility Hub & Downtown Mini Hub

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Share Your Thoughts on Public Art Themes by February 16

The City is seeking feedback on public art themes to be considered for the future Allandale Transit Mobility Hub. Provide your feedback by completing a survey, or submitting ideas or photos of artwork on other transit systems as examples of what you'd like to see. Feedback will be accepted until February 16, 2023. 

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This project consists of building an inter-regional transit hub within the City of Barrie's Allandale area and a Downtown Mini Hub to host transit services and connections through a more integrated public transit system.

This project will include the following major components:

  • The Allandale Transit Mobility Hub will be located within Barrie's Allandale area to centrally locate an inter-regional transit hub with adjacency to the existing rail corridor. This hub will host seamless transit services and connections between Simcoe County, Muskoka, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 
  • The Downtown Mini Hub will include bus stops and sheltered waiting areas located on Maple Avenue. These bus stops will maintain downtown transit service levels and provide direct access routes to and from the downtown. Reducing the footprint of the current transit terminal (24 Maple Avenue) within the downtown while preserving route coverage will support downtown revitalization objectives and provide continued access to Barrie's busiest destination.

Community Engagement 

Please visit for information on previous community engagement opportunities related to this project, and opportunities for future engagement. 

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    Support & Funding

    The Allandale Transit Mobility Hub and Downtown Mini Hub is supported and funded by the Government of Canada (40% contribution) and Government of Ontario (33.33% contribution) through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). The City's contribution covers the remaining 26.67%. Related media release: Canada and Ontario invest in more accessible public transit infrastructure for Barrie residents.

    Project Benefits

    There are many anticipated benefits from building a new Transit Mobility Hub within Barrie's Allandale area. The project will:

    • support Barrie Transit growth to best meet the needs and goals of today, and tomorrow.
    • increase transit access to the Allandale GO station to provide a more sustainable travel choice and address parking constraints. 
    • provide seamless connections for Transit Riders between GO Trains/Buses and Ontario Northland for integrated transit access to Simcoe County, Muskoka and the GTA.
    • provide a geographically centralized hub within the city.
    • provide a safer transit site by encouraging safe circulation and linkages between bus, vehicular, and pedestrian traffic. 
    • provide express bus stops with a lay by on Essa to improve transit travel time.
    • support increased ridership and the City's Transportation Master Plan with targets to increase transit modal shares.
    • support increased bicycle ridership with covered bike shelters and parking.
    • provide easier access to tourism with multiple modes of transportation.
    • support the City's Official Plan by building within one of the City's identified intensification and urban growth centre areas to promote growth as well as transit-centric developments.
    • provide an extremely efficient building by targeting Net-Zero energy design, which will reduce ongoing operating costs over the life of the building.
    • create an aesthetically pleasing and fully accessible facility that is consistent with the Allandale Historic Train Station to augment the heritage of the area.
    • provide backup emergency power necessary to maintain uninterrupted transit services during power outages.

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